Saturday, July 10, 2010


Bring on the pink! Bring on the flowers, and headbands, and bracelets, and all that fun stuff that we've had little of over the past 3ish years. It's a girl, and we are sooo excited. Well, Kember (and parents) are excited. Caden said he wanted a brother, but is pretty content when we told him that Heavenly Father gets to choose, not us.
Now on to the naming, we we aren't that excited about it because we don't agree on anything. So, she will probably not have a middle name and her first name will probably end up starting with a "K". Sigh. Aw well.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Part II (4th of July)

Sunday was quite the day. Ginger and I were the only ones there from the Primary Presidency, but I think things went really well. Especially considering we had more visitors than regular kids (which is something because we have a good sized primary). Everyone is going to be gone again next week so I have to do Sharing Time. I'll admit, I'm a little nervous. I've done it before, but in Pullman it was 8 kids max, and the oldest was maybe 5. So it was more fun/games/crafts stuff. This one is actual senior primary and junior primary, and well...I'm intimidated. So if you have any great ideas the theme is "Jesus went about doing good". I have some ideas, but...pass any along that you so desire. Anyway...Ginger talked about freedoms (since it was the 4th of July) and had the kids make their own Title of Liberty. We came home, napped (naps on Sunday are essential) and then went over to a BB-Q at the Peltons with some of her family. We lit off a few more fireworks, and called it a happy 4th!

Monday we decided that since Dan wasn't working we needed to continue to have fun. So, the Pelton's took us hiking to see some petrogliphs. It was really really fun.
Kember is showing off the first set we came too. She insisted on wearing the crown we made for the 4th, and wore it most of the time. Sometimes, I just laugh at how girly she is. I got into an argument with Caden on Sunday about what he was wearing. Then I lectured the kids on how we need to dress up in our best on Sundays to show respect for Heavenly Father, and I made some comment on that's why I wear make-up on Sunday. Kember got really excited and ran off to apply her own. Where does she come from?Don't mind the blur...Sigh...but keep in mind that hand looking thing to the right of Caden.This is Dan explaining to anyone who will listen that the hand looking thing, and the petrogliphs were not left by the Indians, but instead were left by Aliens, as evidenced by the hand looking thing with suction cups for finger tips. Sometimes...he gets in really weird moods. No, he does not believe in Alien Conspiracy's. He's just weird sometimes. This looks like a tree to me, but according to Dan it's the hand of an Alien (actually, the better hand is in the picture with Caden). Sure sweetheart. Sure.All the kids (minus Cole, who already sat for one picture, and was done) plus the puppies. No, they aren't ours. No we aren't getting any. Did I mention we no longer have chickens? Although, today Kember asked if we could get a bird or a hamster. Sigh. The fish are still alive though.We hiked a bit further and came to a really sandy area. The kids entertained themselves by playing in the sand or jumping off really high rocks. Caden is really proud of his little castle, and got mad at me for taking the picture because it wasn't done yet. Sorry Bud.Unable to cover other people with sand, Cole did the next best thing. He dumped it on himself, over and over again, and laughed every time he did it. It was really funny, and really cute.We got done hiking (my kids did pretty well with minimal complaining. It helps to have their friends along that are little mountain goats) and headed to Ginger's parents farm to collect chicken eggs. But really the kids just played on the trampoline, and Dan admired the yard. Cole loved the freedom he had to just roam around and explore things. Then we left and got frozen yogurt at the health food store. We went home, took naps and then got ready for our dinner that night. Dan went all out with curry, macaroni pie, and stewed chicken. I made a salad and rice. Ginger brought over corn on the cob, and every one tried Caribbean food. Then we all loaded up and the Pelton's took us swimming. It was awesome. We were only there for an hour because they closed at 9 (but that's two hours after bed time anyway), but Kember was taught more swimming from her friends, and Caden got a little braver as well. Cole has no fear, which freaks me out, but he enjoyed himself until he turned blue and started to shiver. It was a very good busy day. We should do more things like that.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July...3 days of fun

I'm really tired, so this probably isn't the time to do this, but if I don't do it now it won't get done and then my mom and sisters will nag me about updating my blog (hehehe, I love it, that just means they actually read it...and truth be told, I'm writing this now because Dan said, "Why don't you update your blog?" Oh, okay).Our 4th of July started on the 3rd. It was awesome. I got up early (for me) and picked up a Bountiful Basket for my friend who was out of town...which got me thinking that I should probably start ordering my own. Anyway. Got home and got the kids starting on their breakfast. Do you know how long it takes to get my kids to eat things? And breakfast is the easy meal...they one they actually like...but it takes them hours! They eat, get down and do something, come back for a bite or two and then they are off again. It's annoying, but whatever. I hurried them along because the parade started at 8, and it was 7:30. For some reason (maybe it's that I really don't find great enjoyment out of parades) we always have the worst luck at parades. We never sit in the right spot and my kids never get candy thrown at them. This year we were at the very end of the parade (didn't know that till after it was over) and on the opposite corner from where the entries turned to be done. So if they actually had stuff left they started to turn before they got to my kids. Caden asked me why no one would throw him any candy. Oops...sorry bud. Maybe next year we'll sit at the start of the parade. And just randomly...What happened to floats? Really...I think there was only one float in this parade. I'm not so into cars, so that does nothing for me, but it would enjoy seeing a nicely done up float. Are they really expensive? They aren't that hard to make. But I digress again. After the parade was over I decided we were going to have our own. So we ran to the dollar store to pick up some stuff for the days activities and also to a firework stand to get some fireworks. I had actually forgotten all about fireworks this year, but I'm glad Dan remembered and had us get some. When we got home we started to decorate the kids bikes for our own little parade (that lasted all of two minutes...but it was fun anyway).Dan decorated Cole's bike...or Cole depending on which way you look at it.Kember and Caden worked hard to decorate their own bikes. They were quite particular how they wanted things, and where they wanted things. I wanted to put loads of streamers and sparkly stuff everywhere, but they wouldn't let me. They only thing they let me do was the taping, and that's only because they can't do it.I then gave them loud noise maker thingys and we lined up to start our parade. Oh, I forgot...the kids had to run in side for Lloyd and little Lloyd to come and watch them (a large stuffed dog, and a little stuffed dog).Like I said. It lasted about two minutes until the kids were done with the parade. Next year I'll plan ahead and invite some friends over so it lasts a little longer and is more of an actual parade. But we were still ready for fun, so out came our dollar store finds and into our swimming suits we went! Water fight! But my kids style since they don't like to get wet (sigh). We used squirt bottles and water balloons, but the water balloons were mostly for either 1-throwing at mom or 2-throwing at the wall and watching them pop. Dan kindly filled them all up while we got ready. Then we all went at each other with squirt bottles. Ooo, and here's where I get frustrated with the pictures. There is this blurry spot on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! I thought my view finder just had a finger print or something on it, but I realized (on the 5th of July) that it was my lens that had the spot on it...probably from our water fight....sigh...well, don't mind the blur. Cole had a time trying to figure things out, and mostly just squirted himself on accident (but it was sooo funny). Caden got upset if anyone squirted him, but we all did it anyway (hey, it's a water fight...what's the point? You are going to get wet). Dan attacked me, and the kids all attacked Dan to save Mom. Then they decided to "wash his hair" and Dan sat down and let the kids squirt him in the head while he tried to get Cole to squirt me, but Cole had the water bottle facing the wrong way and kept squirting himself. Good times...good times. After this it was about lunch time and quiet time so we chilled around the house until it was time to get ready for our evening activities. Kember got fun patriotic nail polish, a crown to wear in her hair, and fun hair....Caden got face paint. Cole got nothing, but in my defense, he really didn't mind one bit. We were going to go to a party that had something to do with Dan's work, but Dan got called out and didn't make it back in time. Luckily our friends made it back from their mini-vacation and called to see if we'd like to get together for fireworks. Yes, please. We played with bubbles while waiting for Dan to get home. These are a few of my favorites. And if you are wondering why the weird one of Cole is one of my favorites, it's because every time I get the camera out now, regardless of if I'm taking a picture of him or not, he gets that funny look and says, "Cheese!". It doesn't make for cute pictures, but it sure makes me laugh!

We hung out until it was dark enough for fireworks, and had fun setting them off and playing with them. The kids loved the sparklers, until they got burned by them. Sigh. Kember had a spark land on her feet (I told her to leave her shoes on) and Cole touched the hot part after the sparkler went out. Ah and learn I guess.
Well, anyway, I'm too tired to finish this, so look for Part II later :) Happy 4th of July, from our family to yours!