Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Turkey anyone?

This should be something I’m too embarrassed to post, but hey, when you take the picture, why not share?
Awhile a go I decided that I would make a schedule so I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed with cleaning, etc. Monday is laundry day, Tuesday is finish up laundry day (heheh) and it was also labeled as baking day. Well, this was the result.
Isn’t it beautiful. Doesn’t it look like a turkey? Should it look like that? Well, no…bread normally doesn’t look like a turkey. I really can make bread, I promise. I grew up making it. My mom would have us make 8 loaves every week. Granted, we switched off between the kids, but I had plenty of turns and I made good looking bread plenty of times. This just wasn’t one of those times. I used my breadmachine to mix the dough since I don’t have anything sturdy enough and I thought, oh, I can get two loaves out of this. Well, after I separated it into two loaves, I thought, oh, I can’t get two. So I tried to smoosh it back together..apparently it didn’t smoosh so well, and I could have got two loaves. It rose so high in the oven that it burned itself on the top heating element. Oops.
Well, here are some pictures of different bread I made that turned out better. It looks really grainy on top because it is “crunchy” wheat and honey bread. Yes, I think it’s supposed to look like that…I think.
Needless to say, I haven’t had a baking day since.


Look who has a tooth! No wait, there are two teeth in there, with what looks like a very sore mouth full of teeth trying to pop through. Poor babers. The first one popped through a couple weeks ago, which was a relief because he has been teething forever. He’s such a happy baby, but boy, teething is not fun for this little man (well, really, who is it fun for?)
Isn’t it funny how one tooth can change their whole smile?
And yes, I am pretty proud of this picture. I tried to take it while he was happy, but it definitely did not work. I had to wait till he was screaming, but it's a good view! :)