Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today I as able to see a baby calf being born. It was the neatest thing ever. I wonder if I found it so miraculous because I can't have babies that way. Anyway, we watched for quite a while (scared the cow...feel bad about that, but Caden just would not keep quiet. He's two, I know, but boy....) Dan and his dad decided that the baby needed to be pulled, so I also got to watch Dan at work! This made his occupation more real to me I think. It's the first thing I've seen him do besides stitching something up. The whole birthing process was amazing. Watching Dan was fun, and he said that luckily it wasn't a bad pulling (I don't know technical terms). Sometimes it's really hard to get the calf out, but this one was pretty easy apparently. It was fun to see the tongue and hoof stick out before you could see anything else. It's all just a pretty amazing thing. Heavenly Father really knows what He's doing. Needless to say we had a great day at the ranch. We saw this, rode horses, took a ride on the mule (not an animal...a kind of glorified golf-cart, but not really), got sunburned, and just had fun.
On a rather random note we were able to spend some time with Dan's brother and his wife and kids a few days ago. It was tons of fun, and I'm glad we went. While I was changing one of my boys' diaper my sister-in-law asked me why I put the clean diaper under the dirty one. I've always done this. I must have seen someone else do it this way. I can't remember what I told her. I think I said that it was to have something there just in case they decided to pee on me (which thankfully my boys have never done), but after that I really got thinking about it. I've come to this conclusion. I'm lazy. See, if they are poopy and I put a mat down and get poop on the mat then I have to clean the mat off, or blanket, or whatever it is. Diapers don't have to be cleaned. Mind you, if it's a blow-out of something its a completely different process altogether. But anyway, I'm sure you all wanted to know that, but there you have it.
On another random note, I cut some bangs (and then had my sister-in-law fix them). I like the swoopy bang look, but boy, I'm really inept or something and it just isn't working. I'm following the directions I was given (I think) but I just look kind of silly. Maybe I'm just not destined to have bangs. Wouldn't surprise me, but there you go.
So, this is a very shallow post, and I'm a little embarrassed by it, but I really think this way. Maybe some day I'll think deep thoughts and share those instead!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Not to long ago I decided that it would be a good time to fast and pray for help with Dan's job searching. This got me thinking. My fast prayer went something like this, "Heavenly Father, please help Dan find a job, and if he doesn't find a job please help us be okay with this and realize that everything will be in Your time." So here is where I got to thinking. Dan knew I was fasting and asked me afterward if I had any thoughts or impressions on where we should go. Well, that isn't what I asked for. In fact, I didn't ask a question at all. Here's the thing I think Heavenly Father is okay with bling faith (notice, I did not and will not say that it's what He prefers). This is kind of the stage that I'm at. I'm a blind faith person. If Heavenly Father says "x" then okay, it's "x" questions asked, that's how it is because that's how it is. However, do I really think that that makes Heavenly Father happy? I'm sure He's glad that people like me are willing to believe, but that what He wants? Maybe? Anyway, I then got to thinking that Heavenly Father is a God of knowledge. He wants His children to know things. If He tells us something I'm sure He is more than pleased when we find out the how and why and whatnots about everything. Do I think that there are some questions that we will have to wait to find out the answers to? Yes. Do I think that we should ask and find out? Yes. So I guess my question comes in this form. When (and I could be wrong on my scripture story here) Shadrac, Mesach, and Abednigo (don't mind the spelling) were going to be thrown in a fire they prayed to God that he would deliever them, but then they said, "But if not" that's okay (not in those words, but work with me here). So I've been striving for the "but if not" philosophy. However, is this a blind faith? God wants us to know things, and He also wants us to accept...soo....this is where I just don't get it. How do you do both? I'm pretty sure the answer is quite obvious, and I'm pretty sure that I should know the answer to this, however it has managed to elude me for a good 25 years. Any suggestions? Thoughts? Answers?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Toilet Paper

Have you ever read the package of your toilet paper? No, really. I mean just besides making sure that it's 2 ply instead of 1 ply (unless you like it the other way, then switch that) (mine says that it comes "with an extra layer* to get the job done" which means that it's 2 ply...random). Well, today I read the package. I found it very odd that the toilet paper I get is 501 square feet. Why I feel the need to know the square footage of my toilet paper is beyond me. But what is even more beyond me is that it is 501 sq. ft. Not 500, 501. That extra square foot is apparently important....because it gives me 176 sheets per roll. Not 175, but a 176. Now, I know you are all thinking that I need to get a life, and you're probably all correct in thinking this. But really, why the weird numbers? And for all you math people out there (you know who you are, and you know I'm not one of you) if I did have 500 square feet instead, would I have 175 sheets per roll? Is there a way to figure that out? Someone should tell me if that is doable math wise with the numbers I've given you. Have I just proven how dumb I am? Probably, but I don't like math..unless it's simple enough for me to do it. I find it oddly satisfying doing math when I do it well and correctly...but throw in complicated stuff and I'll just ask the people who know. Someone has to know, and I'm again oddly satisfied that it isn't me.
So if anyone could solve this little riddle of my toilet paper, I'd be much obliged. Not that it is going to keep me up at night, but just because 501 and 176 are just weird numbers. Which brings me to another random topic dealing with numbers. I think most of you know that I want five children (not for a while though...we're done for a bit). When Dan and I first got married we did not agree on this number, and truthfully I'm not sure we agree on it now. He wanted two kids because that is what he grew up with. I wanted five for the same reason. This was all talked about, debated over, discussed, etc. before we had any little ones running around. And yes, things do change once you get to actually experience them because then you know what you are really in for. However, I still want five. Why five now? Well, for me personally (and please understand that this is personally...I am in no way shape or form telling you that everyone should have five kids. You decide, and I'm happy for you for your decision. It's what works for you) two kids isn't enough, three is just a weird number, four is too....square, and five is just...well, a good round number. Yes, I know what you're thinking. Five isn't a round number at all. Well sure it is. Make five dots and you can make a circle. See, that was easy wasn't it. Can't do that with any of the other numbers previously mentioned. Two is a line, three is a triangle, four is a square, five...well now...five is cool. It is the first number that can become a circle, or a square, or a plethora of other shapes (which is all beside the point...the point is that this is why I see it as a round number). So is there a ryhme or reason to it? Probably not for you, but it makes sense to me....after all, I'm the one that is reading my toilet paper package. I gotta get out more.