Sunday, July 31, 2011

The conclusion

*My goal for blogging is to have either the same number of posts as my mother or to have at least one more....being the last day of the month, and almost midnight, I need to hurry to have the same number of here are a few quick things of what's been happening this month.

Family reunion number three took place at the end of July. Actually, it started on Kember's birthday, so that is what we did for her this year. I've been too pre-occupied with moving and renting our house to throw her a party...that and we were never really home to throw one anyway. But back to the reunion. All (or most actually) the Johnson clan met up at Cove Fort for the start of the Johnson Do-Dah.

We had a picnic lunch (which, because it's the Johnson's was absolutely delicious and amazing...bring on the food!) and then toured the fort. The kids had a great time playing around.
Then we headed to the ranch and got everyone settled in. We stayed up late talking and because of children who had a hard time during the night, we didn't sleep much either. By we I mean everyone who had to listen to screaming children and an unhappy mother (have I mentioned I get a bit cranky with lack of sleep?). Dan had to work again, so I soloed it to this reunion as well. It's a good thing I love his family so much.
Anyway, the next day we went on a mini-fau trek. I was super excited for this because I've never done a trek before. They became popular after my time in Young Women's (boy that makes me sound old....I guess I have been out of high school for 10 years now...crazy...crazy, crazy, crazy). It wasn't far, only about a mile and half or so, but it was a lot of fun. Carol Lee made skirts and bonnets for my girls, and they had handcarts for each family to push. So we loaded the babies on our hand cart and away we went!

Here is most of the Johnson clan when we stopped for lunch.And away we go again. Our handcart was pulled by Jed the whole way, with other helpers, like Nanci. The kids got to push. Kember was a real trooper. After lunch she told grandma, "I'm ready to push!" I was really proud of her.
Caden wasn't too excited about the whole "walking" idea. So he complained for a bit, but got into things towards the middle of the trek. All the kids ended up riding for the last bit.
I don't think Cole walked one step of the trek. He was either carried by grandpa or was sitting on someone's hand cart. The little stinker (literally as well as figuratively). And the babies even got to be carried for the last bit too.
Johnson get togethers are always fun, and I'm glad I got to go. I didn't see the kids much this the ranch all the kids just go play, and you don't have to worry about anything. They love it, and it's nice for all the parents too.

A good time was had by all.

In between (or the 4th of July activities)

After the Linford reunion and before the Christensen reunion I stayed at Scott and Carol Lee's. It was fun to celebrate the 4th with them, although I missed all the city activities. This is what we did instead.

We waited for the Salina parade to start. I will admit that I'm not a huge fan of parades. I don't remember ever really liking them. However, I take my children because parades are supposed to be fun and kids like them. Except, whenever we go we sit in the wrong spot and my kids never get any of the candy that gets thrown out. So honestly I didn't have high hopes for this parade, but much to my surprise I enjoyed it. The company was great (Nanci is hilarious to watch parades with) and tons of candy got thrown out why (which I'm still enjoying...shhh, don't tell the kids).Trying to tell five anxious children not to cross the white line for candy (when everyone else was) is not the easiest task. But their sacks still got full regardless.

We did fireworks (compliments of Dan).
You hear it a hundred times, and I've said it that many, but it still surprises me. My children are different. And it's times that this that I laugh at the differences. In this picture Cole is so excited he can hardly stand it (and Caden thought this was "Sweet" to use a word he uses right now).And at the same time, here is Kember...hiding behind a cousin. She later ran inside and decided she doesn't like fireworks much.The next day we played in the "pool". I'm not sure if it's a supplement tub or not, but whatever it is works great, and Carol Lee had the genius idea of adding a slide to it. The kids played out here for hours. Dan even got in the "pool" with the kids. It was a little too cold for me.
See, even Milee got in. She didn't love it, but she's a cutie!And when the boys were done in the water they attacked each other with random things that turned into swords and guns.
It was a really nice way to spend the 4th of July holiday.

Into the woods

second family reunion of the summer was with the Christensen side of the family. They go camping for a couple days every summer. It's been awhile since we've been to one of these reunions. In fact, the last one I went without Dan and I drove to Colorado with my sister-in-law Nanci (who was also husbandless). Since Dan wasn't working for the first two days of this reunion we decided to go up. But since they were camping I made an executive decision that we weren't going to stay. We were just going to go for the day and have a good time. So we drive up Ephraim Canyon and get everyone out of the car. Dan turns to me and says, "Oh, let's stay!" Sigh. Fine. Mind you, no one is dressed for camping...Milee is only wearing a onsie, I don't have a tent or anything, but Dan calls his brother and catches him before he leaves and has him bring up a tent and some sleeping bags for us. But stay we did, and it was fun. Well, not the sleeping part, because there wasn't a lot of that going on, but the other parts were fun. Actually, after getting up with Milee for the upteenth time (I think she was freezing), I had Dan get her. He took her out of the tent and it must have woken up his mom (actually, it probably woke up the whole crying...great sound) and she offered to take Milee. So she drove around with her till she fell asleep and then stayed in the car with her so she could stay sleeping. Thanks Carol Lee! You rock!
See, Milee in Kembers jacket and a onsie. Very camperish don't you think?The kids sure had a lot of fun with their cousins though. They have a few cousins their age on all sides of the family and they love to hang out with them. I love that the older cousins will play with them too.
Cole played ladder golf and was actually quite good at it.
So here is Kember at dinner time. Now look at the next picture.
Here is everyone else at dinner time. I have no idea why Kember was sitting alone...She just wanted to. So that is where she and I sat. Good times...good times.I just think he's cute.
Ah....bug spray. Don't leave home without it!
This picture makes me happy. Caden loved playing in the tent. Well, Grandma and Grandpa's tent anyway.
The kids found their own space and called it their secret hideout. I love watching them play together.
We took a couple walks around a lake and it was fun to watch them look at bugs and plants and stuff. The most exciting thing for them was the dead fish we saw floating in the water. Good times...good times.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tis the season

For family reunions, that is. The Linford reunion was held at Duck Creek this year and it was awesome as always! I didn't take too many pictures, relying on my siblings for that, but then realized that I won't get their picts. until December...shoot. Well, I don't have proof, but the reunion was fun. It started out with me getting rear-ended. Sounds like something that would happen to me, doesn't it. I think the kids are terrified to drive with me now. They freak out when it's raining (and let's be honest, I do too) because of my accident last...August? And now if they see someone behind me they say, "I hope they don't run into us". Me too kiddo' too. Oh, no one was hurt (in my car anyway...the guy that did it wasn't the most friendly person I didn't try to talk to him much). But for being very minor the ambulance came, the fire truck came, and then we waited for over an hour for the police to come. Good times....good times. My brother-in-law who is a cop said that everyone who came was volunteer (except the cop), so even though there were no injuries they all came out anyway. They were super nice and helpful. Did I mention that I was driving alone (I mean, not counting my four kids)? Dan was working and unable to come this year. Luckily I was following my lovely sister and she stuck around with me and called the family and then mom and dad came out too. Cause let's make it a family affair when Tarah gets into stupid situations! :) It was a family reunion after all. Anyway, to make a long story even longer, the car will get fixed starting tomorrow. Everybody pray nothing happens to the rental car they give me. Needless to say my confidence in driving long distances is a little shaken.

So...Here are my picture highlights.

Cole loved loved loved the bugs. He played with this little guy for awhile. I think it even crawled in his shirt till Grandma came to the rescue.

And this is random, I don't have a picture of it but didn't want to forget a highlight for me, but Michelle found a horny toad (which I guess isn't really a toad but a that right?) and brought it back to the cabin for all the kids to see. I thought it was awesome! Can't wait to see those pictures!

The kids played in a really cold lake while Cameron, Andrea, my dad and I went running. Yes, you read that correctly. I went running. Okay...that might be a slight exaggeration. More walking was involved, but we started and ended running...with a little in between. It was fun in a I hate running, why am I doing this, sort of way. And the kids really really liked the lake. I was sad I missed watching them play in it, but very grateful for those who stayed behind to watch my kiddos. Thanks all!

We played horseshoes. I haven't played this game for ages...and while I'm no good at it at all, it was fun to play it. The kids liked it too.

Caden and I played Volleyball with the Linford cousins. I may stink at the game but when you are playing with your 4 year old there is noooo pressure. So that was a lot of fun....even if Caden did get frustrated that he couldn't hit it over the net. I thought he was doing great just hitting it.

Fireworks were a no no, so we just lit those snakey growy things. The kids all loved this activity. I have to admit, it was kind of fun to see how some of them grew together in funny shapes. And yes, I know my clothes don't match and I look funny. My 12 year old niece made sure I knew that I looked funny. These we the things I ran in...I wasn't planning on running, and this was the best I could come up with. I'm on vacation...comfort should count for something...although even when I'm not on vacation I dress like this :)

I really like this picture. Both Rorie and Milee just chillin'. Did I mention Rorie is pregnant with twins? Super excited for her.
We ate smore's and got all sticky. It was ooey-gooey fun!

And this picture says it all. A good time was had by all!