Sunday, July 31, 2011

In between (or the 4th of July activities)

After the Linford reunion and before the Christensen reunion I stayed at Scott and Carol Lee's. It was fun to celebrate the 4th with them, although I missed all the city activities. This is what we did instead.

We waited for the Salina parade to start. I will admit that I'm not a huge fan of parades. I don't remember ever really liking them. However, I take my children because parades are supposed to be fun and kids like them. Except, whenever we go we sit in the wrong spot and my kids never get any of the candy that gets thrown out. So honestly I didn't have high hopes for this parade, but much to my surprise I enjoyed it. The company was great (Nanci is hilarious to watch parades with) and tons of candy got thrown out why (which I'm still enjoying...shhh, don't tell the kids).Trying to tell five anxious children not to cross the white line for candy (when everyone else was) is not the easiest task. But their sacks still got full regardless.

We did fireworks (compliments of Dan).
You hear it a hundred times, and I've said it that many, but it still surprises me. My children are different. And it's times that this that I laugh at the differences. In this picture Cole is so excited he can hardly stand it (and Caden thought this was "Sweet" to use a word he uses right now).And at the same time, here is Kember...hiding behind a cousin. She later ran inside and decided she doesn't like fireworks much.The next day we played in the "pool". I'm not sure if it's a supplement tub or not, but whatever it is works great, and Carol Lee had the genius idea of adding a slide to it. The kids played out here for hours. Dan even got in the "pool" with the kids. It was a little too cold for me.
See, even Milee got in. She didn't love it, but she's a cutie!And when the boys were done in the water they attacked each other with random things that turned into swords and guns.
It was a really nice way to spend the 4th of July holiday.