Sunday, July 31, 2011

Into the woods

second family reunion of the summer was with the Christensen side of the family. They go camping for a couple days every summer. It's been awhile since we've been to one of these reunions. In fact, the last one I went without Dan and I drove to Colorado with my sister-in-law Nanci (who was also husbandless). Since Dan wasn't working for the first two days of this reunion we decided to go up. But since they were camping I made an executive decision that we weren't going to stay. We were just going to go for the day and have a good time. So we drive up Ephraim Canyon and get everyone out of the car. Dan turns to me and says, "Oh, let's stay!" Sigh. Fine. Mind you, no one is dressed for camping...Milee is only wearing a onsie, I don't have a tent or anything, but Dan calls his brother and catches him before he leaves and has him bring up a tent and some sleeping bags for us. But stay we did, and it was fun. Well, not the sleeping part, because there wasn't a lot of that going on, but the other parts were fun. Actually, after getting up with Milee for the upteenth time (I think she was freezing), I had Dan get her. He took her out of the tent and it must have woken up his mom (actually, it probably woke up the whole crying...great sound) and she offered to take Milee. So she drove around with her till she fell asleep and then stayed in the car with her so she could stay sleeping. Thanks Carol Lee! You rock!
See, Milee in Kembers jacket and a onsie. Very camperish don't you think?The kids sure had a lot of fun with their cousins though. They have a few cousins their age on all sides of the family and they love to hang out with them. I love that the older cousins will play with them too.
Cole played ladder golf and was actually quite good at it.
So here is Kember at dinner time. Now look at the next picture.
Here is everyone else at dinner time. I have no idea why Kember was sitting alone...She just wanted to. So that is where she and I sat. Good times...good times.I just think he's cute.
Ah....bug spray. Don't leave home without it!
This picture makes me happy. Caden loved playing in the tent. Well, Grandma and Grandpa's tent anyway.
The kids found their own space and called it their secret hideout. I love watching them play together.
We took a couple walks around a lake and it was fun to watch them look at bugs and plants and stuff. The most exciting thing for them was the dead fish we saw floating in the water. Good times...good times.

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Andrea said...

I just noticed that you like to say "good times". But, when times are good, why not say it. ;)

Fun post. Can't wait to see posts about your new place in a few weeks.