Monday, November 29, 2010

Let the holidays begin!

Kember has been pestering me since Halloween to decorate. I don't have any Halloween decorations (and it isn't my favorite holiday to decorate for since a lot of decorations tend to be on the disgusting side) or Thanksgiving decorations. However, I do have a few Christmas ones, so the day after Thanksgiving we pulled out my box of decorations. After doing what I had I decided to let the kids have fun decorating their own spaces. So, my goal this month is to make lots of stuff with the kids that they can decorate with. We will have a tree downstairs that will be theirs to decorate, and we'll make stuff for their rooms and walls and stuff. So today we started by making handprint wreaths. It was messy, but it was fun to do. Especially since I was cranky for most of the was fun to take a time out and just get messy with the kids. Here are their creations.They were really excited to hang them on their door (don't let Caden's face fool you...he had a lot of fun, he just didn't like that I told him to smile normal instead of a really cheesy grin).

Saturday, November 27, 2010

More Milee Picts.

Here is Grandma Carol Lee giving Milee a bath. Milee doesn't like to be naked, so bath time is pretty traumatic for her. However, when you get to her head or her feet, she loves that and just relaxes as you rub. It's pretty funny to watch. She doesn't like to be stretched out either. So, getting dressed is also traumatic.

Don't mind the fact that the flower is bigger than her head. I realized it was a poor choice, but we don't have a lot of smaller options for head bands. These are flowers that Kember and I share ;) It's not a great picture, but I think the flower is funny, so I thought I'd share it with all of you.

I love this next picture. Thanks to Rorie who made the flower, and thanks to mom (and dad) for the cute outfit. I think she looks adorable. The grandparents say she looks like Caden and Kember (depending on which grandparent you talk to), but I personally think she looks like Cole did when he was a baby. I'll have to get out pictures to compare.

Just some really quick things about Milee. She sleeps exceptionally well for a newborn. Some nights she will only wake up once. The "bad nights" (knock on wood as I say this hoping it remains true) she will get up two or three times. I think she's going through a growth spurt right now because I can't keep her awake for anything. She had one or two days or wakefulness, and now she is just so sleepy. She eats and sleeps, and for me, it has been wonderful. Of course, all my help just left, so now things will probably be changing, but despite that, Heavenly Father has blessed us with a beautiful sleepy child, and we couldn't be more thankful.

Kember is very helpful, and loves her baby sister. She will hand me diapers and wipes and constantly asks if she can pick out Milee's outfit or pj's for the day/night. She keeps applying hand sanitizer in the hopes of holding Milee.

Caden is indifferent. He shows interest in holding her for a few minutes, and then is finished. He will watch her while she sleeps and tries to rock her while she sits in her rocker.

Cole thinks "the baby" is pretty fun. He is always trying to stick the binky in her mouth and will tell me when she cries. He hasn't asked to hold her, and pretty much leaves her alone except for the binky and trying to rock her in her rocker.

Alright, here are the comparisons. What do you think? Can you tell which baby is which? They are all in order. Who looks like who, if any of them do?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thankful #17 (although, technically 15)

So, I missed a couple days....but in my defense I did just have a baby. And in my defense again, Dan did post on the day I had Milee, and obviously that is what I was thankful for that day. So really I only missed one day, and that was due to the fact that bending over to get the lap top didn't seem at all appealing to me. I'll live, and I know all three of you who read this will live too. Today, I'm thankful to be home. I was worried about coming home. I'm not bouncing back with this c-section like I did with the others so coming home and being loved by my children worried me. Getting into and out of bed worries me. Going up and down my stairs worries me. Having Dan go back to work worries me. Nursing Milee in the middle of the night worries me (because I can't get out of bed to get her). But, my mom and dad are here still and that is a blessing. They are keeping the kids from crawling on me, and will lift them up when they need to be held. They also help me get up from bed, and from the couch and basically from any position I get stuck in. And I just love my home. It's good to be back.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Milee is Here!

Milee Aspen Johnson was born at 7:00am this morning. She weighed 7bs 0.07 ounces and 19 in long. Tarah is doing excellent and will hopefully be home by Wednesday.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thankfulness #14

Today I'm thankful that my parents were willing to drive down to take care of my kids and house while Dan and I are in the hospital. It was fun to visit with them tonight, and I'm very very glad that I was given such great parents. It's relaxing to know that my kids will be in good hands while I'm gone, and that I'll be in good hands when I get back. Thanks mom and dad for coming!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thankful #13

I'm going to blog a lot earlier today because I'm planning on being in bed at a reasonable hour. I'll admit staying up until 3 just about did me in, and now I'm sick. Not so excited about that seeing how I'm having this baby on Monday. But it did make me thankful that the kids play well nicely by themselves, that Dan is home to take care of those instances that require intervention, and that he's making dinner right now while I lounge in bed. It's so much nicer to be healthy and this is a good reminder of that. I'm thankful for healthy bodies.

Thankful #12

I almost missed blogging my thankfulness today (and technically, seeing how it's 2:44 AM I did miss it, but we won't be technical). The reason I almost missed it is the reason that I'm thankful. I'm thankful for girl time. I decided that since I won't have a lot of that after the baby is born, I should have some friends over for girl time. I didn't realize how late it was. But you know the great thing? We didn't do anything...I mean, I didn't have to plan a party or anything. I just said, "Come and chat....we may paint our nails". And that's what we did. We chatted and painted nails. It was relaxing, and funny, and good times. But I'm exhausted so I'm going to bed. Oh, really quick, I'm thankful for Dan allowing me to have this girls time and helping me clean the house so people could come over. Isn't he great?!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday #11

Today I'm thankful for my children again. I just think they are wonderful. I've been trying to get stuff ready for the baby to come (but sadly lacking in motivation...sigh). So today I decided to actually work on some stuff. Some of that stuff was to clean off a swing that has been kept outside. It's been sitting in my house for two days now just waiting for me. Kember wanted to help, so...I gave her a wipe and we went to town. The boys showed up seconds later all wanting to help too. So, we wiped away. I think they are getting excited for the baby to come. Kember told me that she is old enough and big enough to hold her, but Cole is not. And she was very concerned today that Cole might hit the baby. Anyway, it was fun to do some cleaning with my kids. I definitely need to let them help more. Maybe we'll try tomorrow by sorting the baby clothes. That would be interesting to see what they think anyway.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thankful Thought #10

Look at me, I'm on a roll. Today I'm thankful that Dan could go to my Dr.'s appointment with me. No, nothing happened, but he was able to meet my Dr. and said he liked him, which gives me more confidence in him so maybe I'll be able to relax a little bit more with this C-section. They sure do things differently here. To all you having c-sections in Pullman, be thankful that you are having them there. Granted, I can't say I'm not thankful to be having one here...because I never's just not as....organized as Pullman's is. Whatever. Monday it will be over, and that too is something to be thankful for.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thankful 9

Today I'm thankful for friends. Whenever we move somewhere new I tell myself that having friends really isn't that important, and I'll be just fine without them. However, I can't imagine living in each of the places I've lived without the people I lived by. Let's face it...Pullman...not much about the town, but the people there...amazing! And here, I rely on my friends so much. It's nice to be able to call my neighbor and ask for a can of tomato soup because mine made a hissing sound when I opened it. Even though I'm anti-social for the most part (not because I want to be, but because I don't take the initiative) it's great to know that I could call a number of people to hang out with...if I actually picked up the phone! ;) I've always been surrounded by great friends. Growing up, all through high school, great friends at college, and even after I got married Dan and I have made friends that have blessed our lives. So, thanks everyone. Thanks for being that friend that I needed.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Thanks #8

I'm really thankful today for the internet and the knowledge that it puts at our finger tips. My Mother-in-Law and I were talking about this the other day. You can learn how to do anything on the internet, and it's pretty cool. I'm enjoying it now because I found this website called Progressive Phonics and it's helping Caden learn to read. I've been struggling for awhile because Kember has had lots of school opportunities that Caden isn't getting. I feel like he needs something like a preschool, but I can't find one that I'm willing to pay for. My biggest hang up is that I'm his mother and so I should be teaching him, but I don't feel adequate enough. I don't know how to teach this kind of stuff. But there are all sorts of websites out there and he is so far (after two days of it) enjoying what he's doing. We will see how long he enjoys it, but I feel more confident when I have something like this to say, "Okay, now do this." Maybe I should have gone to school in El Ed instead of Communications, but since it's a little late for that, I'm thankful for the other resources that I have to learn from.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thankfulness #7

Today in church we had a lesson on gratitude. I thought it was highly relevant to me at this time, and I realized something. It's hard to think of things to be grateful/thankful for if you aren't in the habit of thinking of those things. I mean, we are told quite often to be thankful, and we nod our heads and say, "Yep, that's a great thing to do." and then go on with our lives and don't really think much more of it (at least, I don't). So I think that being grateful/thankful is a skill that takes effort. Anyway, that was random, and not what I'm thankful for today, but I just thought I'd share.
Today I've decided to be thankful for a Heavenly Father who gives us opportunities to better ourselves. He doesn't just say, "Well, you've messed up so I'm sorry, but you're finished." He's patient enough and willing enough to give us things to wake us up to what's important in life. An old friend called this getting hit in the head by a spiritual 2x4. Sometimes it's a painful way to wake up, but sometimes it's what we need. Anyway, I'm just glad that He doesn't give up on us...even if we keep doing the same things over and over again. He lets us keep trying. And that is definitely something to be thankful for.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thankful Times #6

Today I'm thankful for reasons that make me laugh. I even had a picture to insert, but I don't know how to do it on my in-laws computer (it's a Mac you know, and I'm not Mac smart). The kids were getting baths tonight, and after I did Kember I asked Dan to do the boys. I guess he was doing something else for a minute, and after a bit told me to "Come here! And bring the camera!" Cole had gotten into the tub fully clothed. Caden was splashing about happy as could be like he should be for a bath, but Cole just wanted to play and didn't want to wait for anyone to change his diaper or take his clothes off. It was really funny. Good times...good times.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Thankful thinkers #5

Today I'm thankful for something very simple, and honestly a little silly. I'm thankful for my flip flops. I probably wouldn't have thought twice about this, but very recently my only pair got a hole in the back of them...which wasn't too big of a deal, I wore them anyway, but them I tore out the middle toe thing, and tape doesn't fix it. So, I was left with sneakers that I can't bend over to tie, and heels. Heels and me, while normally we like each other, don't get along well this all. You should see me limping along at church. Anyway, so after limping along everywhere that required shoes I made Dan stop at Wal-Mart today and buy me some $1 flip-flops. They don't fit great (they didn't have my size), but that's the wonderful thing about flip-flops...they aren't form fitting at all. And I can walk/waddle now normally, and I don't have to bend over to put them on. Therefore...I'm thankful for my flip-flops (and the fact that they were only $1). ;)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thot #4

Today I'm thankful that God has given me such good kids. I don't know many people that take their kids shopping with them if they can help it. But I actually don't mind shopping with my kids (getting them in and out of the car is another story, but not for today). Today for example, after taking Kember to school I dragged the other two to a PTO meeting. It lasted at least an hour. Then I dragged them to Wal-Mart...then the bread store...then the post office...then back to Kember's school so I could pick her up. And you know what? They were really good. Especially considering they are 3 and 2 years old. I've tried to go shopping at night when the kids are in bed, and it just doesn't happen. So I'm thankful that Heavenly Father has given me children that I can take to the grocery store.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thankful #3

Today I am thankful for where I live. I don't think I ever expected to enjoy St. George as much as I do. For as I was cutting the boys' hair outside around 3ish, I realized that I was barefoot, and the kids were in short sleeves. It's November. Isn't that great?! I mean, sure during the summer it gets really really hot, but it is perfect right now. Not only do I enjoy the weather, but I enjoy where I live. I have great neighbors. Just today, for example, my neighbor brought in our garbage can. He does this almost every week. And he does it for everyone in our circle. And a few weeks ago when I was mowing my lawn I killed my lawn mower (long story, but the mower died) and my next door neighbor finished one side of my lawn for me. And she would have finished the whole lawn, but she had an electric mower and her cord didn't reach any further, and our outlets went out when I killed the mower. So, another neighbor comes by and mows the rest of it! The same neighbor that finished goes around and edges everyone's yard, and has been known to weed-eat ours. I love it!
I feel like I live in a small town, but there are what...four or five high schools here and a college? I feel safe and secure like I would in a small town, but I have the convenience of having stores very close by. And we live relatively close to family. Sure, we would like to live a little closer, but it definitely closer than we were living up in Pullman!
How blessed we are to live here in this time of our lives!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thankful Thought #2...Let the countdown begin!

Today I'm thankful that we have finally (FINALLY) set a date for this baby to come. Yea!!! I realize that most people who have babies don't get to set dates and it's a waiting/guessing game. However, since C-Sections aren't that way, this baby is coming on Monday the 15th. Wahoo! Can you tell I'm a little excited? Two weeks. Count ', two! I'm not prepared in anyway for her to be here, but I'm sooooo ready for her to be out. I'm done being pregnant. So, I'm thankful that the Dr. finally got things moving to set the day. I could go on and on, but I'm guessing no one really wants to hear, so...I'm thankful for knowledge :) and we'll leave it at that.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Thankful thought #1

So, I'm hoping to write something I'm thankful for every day until Thanksgiving. We will see how long I actually keep this up, but for right now, I'm doing good ;)

Today, I'm thankful for FHE. For a lot of different reasons, but here is the main one. I kind of lost it today. I'll admit. I was angry and upset, and I yelled at my children. They were "cleaning" downstairs, which always makes me grumpy because they don't clean, they play, but I was determined today to be nice and not get upset...until I saw that they had gotten into all my craft stuff and strewn it every where. Grrrr, and they know they aren't supposed to touch my stuff...They know this!!! Anyway...I lost it. Big time. I got a big box (two actually) and chucked all their toys that were on the floor and told them they were gone and mommies. This didn't make them happy, and all was crazy. Course, after my rampage I realized that I was going to be a nice mommy. Oops. So, for FHE we sat down and talked about our feelings and why we were sad and upset and what we should do. I apologize, and they said they would clean things up. So, we will all work on it. And then we all went outside to play soccer and tag and we were all very happy. But the point is, the church has ordained this program to help us strengthen our families, and if we actually use the program, it will help. So, I'm thankful for that. Hopefully tomorrow I can be thankful that I didn't loose it :)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Festivities

In order to keep up with the Jones' (In this case, my mother) I had to post two things tonight so she wouldn't post more than me on her blog (hehehe). So, pictures of our Halloween festivities for my viewing enjoyment. I'm sad we didn't take more pictures. I was always running around doing something else so I didn't get the kids when I really dressed them up complete with everything. But you get the picture.I'm actually really proud of how Caden's costume turned out (not in the above picture though). He wanted to be a knight (after switching from a super hero) and so I made a tunic and cape for him. We got a shield and sword at the dollar store and used a tool belt to hold his sword. I wanted to draw a dragon on his tunic, but that was one of the things that just didn't get done. I'm sure it all could have looked better, but since I can't read patterns and make things up as I go, I'm pleased with how it turned out. I was also going to make him wrist cuff thingy's. No, I have no idea what they are really called, but I saw them on some costumes when I was searching the internet for what a Knight's costume is supposed to look like.
Kember looked beautiful as a witch...even with her hair all funny. It is amazing what mascara and eyeliner do for her. I mean, I think she's a pretty girl, but holy cow...when you add make-up, which we didn't take a picture of, she's drop dead gorgeous. When Dan saw her he said that she wasn't allowed to wear make-up for a looong time.
Cole was reusing Caden spider costume from when he was a baby. He was really excited that he got to be a spider. He kept telling people he was a spider web. I wanted to spray his hair black and spike it, but Wal-Mart didn't have any black hair spray, so...we just spiked it for actual trick-or-treating (or our ward party).
Thursday night our friends called and said that the athletic department does a trunk-or-treat for the community at the stadium. Great! We were in. So we threw on the kids costumes and walked over.
Cole thought it was awesome that you said, "Trick-or-treat!" and people gave you candy. The other two didn't say much but they enjoyed getting all the candy anyway.We went to the costume parade at Kember's school on Friday. Caden and Cole didn't like the waiting so much, but once all the kids came out they told me which ones were their favorite. Caden was really excited every time he saw another knight (although most of them were Ninja's).Kember apparently doesn't do well with crowds of people, so I wasn't surprised at all to see her holding hands with her teacher for the parade. I'm actually pleasantly surprised she wasn't crying and agreed to walk with everyone else. This is progress (although, maybe I'm being to hard on her...but let me tell you, the primary program was a disaster as far as Kember was concerned)Kember thought it was really neat that her teacher was a super hero.

Kember's teacher let me bring the boys to Kember's class party. I went to help, but didn't end up doing anything. Ah well. Maybe with our last child I'll be helpful again.We ended Halloween night (or I guess Saturday night) with part of Charlie Brown's great pumpkin movie on Hulu. The kids really enjoyed staying up to watch it. And, this year we actually got some trick-or-treaters. Last year I think most people gave up because of all the trunk-or-treats that the different organizations do every year. We probably would have gotten even more, but I turned the porch light off when I couldn't get off the couch anymore. It's amazing how uncomfortable just sitting is. Ah well...three more weeks...three more weeks. Chant with me now. Three more weeks.
The boys ended up getting sick and so the three of us stayed home from church today. Caden learned how boring it is to be sick, and how much better it would have been to go to church, and Cole just slept the whole time.
So, there you have our Halloween festivities. Good times, great memories. Now if I could only stop eating the candy. Once I'm done being pregnant it certainly isn't going to help in the weight loss area. So maybe I should just enjoy it while I have the excuse of being the size of a whale.

Cole's 2nd Birthday

Whew. A little late posting this, but it's sooner than I've posted Kember's. I've really got to do that at some point. We really did celebrate her turning 5, I promise.We don't do a lot for birthday's, but I always try to make a cake. I'll admit I wasn't into it this year and didn't want to make all. So, this isn't my best effort. Especially considering the fact that I was rushing to get it done so we could take the kids to a movie for Cole's birthday.Cole really seemed to enjoy it though. It tasted nasty. The butter that I used must have gotten freezer burn because the frosting tasted disgusting. Bleh. But the kids still ate it. Anyway. The cutest part of Cole's birthday was that he loves the "Happy Birthday" song. He would sing it all the time, but he would never say, "Happy Birthday to Me (or Cole)" it was always "Kember" or "Caden" or "Mommy" or "Daddy". And when I said, "to Cole" he would say, "Nooo" with a big smile on his face. And when you asked him how old he was he would say, "I four". Guess we are skipping a few years with this kid. We are still working on getting him to say that he is two.
Presents were actually really fun because the kids helped. Kember informed me that she had money, and she wanted to buy Cole a present. I keep money that she gets in her wallet in our safe, and she pleaded with me to take it out so she could buy him a train. She was very insistent on that. Nothing else would do. I tried to get her to buy some cheaper things, but she had to buy him a train. Caden also wanted to buy Cole something, but he doesn't have any money. So I gave him a nickle (generous, I know) and told him that Daddy would pay for the rest. He got Cole a car. They were each very excited to wrap their presents themselves, and Cole was even more happy to unwrap them. He knew just what to do. These pictures make me laugh because the car ramp we bought him is bigger than he is, but he was excited!
Where'd he go? He's there somewhere.After presents we went out to dinner, which was a waste of money because none of the kids ate all. Sigh. And then we took them to Toy Story 3. I'll admit I was nervous about this. We've never taken the kids to a movie before (well, that isn't entirely true...they had summer matinee's in Pullman, but I'm not counting those because the whole theater was filled with kids and babies and non-grown up people). And I was nervous because my kids are sensitive to what they watch. Cole seemed to like it okay. Caden did pretty well. There were some parts that scared him, but Kember insisted on leaving. I took her out and we waited in the lobby for quite some time. I convinced her to try it again (I wanted to see it), and Dan had to take her back out to the lobby for a bit. I want to encourage my kids to leave when they don't feel right about a movie, or if somethings I was trying to be supportive, but I really just didn't understand. But hopefully she will keep doing what she feels is right. Even if no one else feels the same way.
So, all in all, Cole had a good birthday, and I made a cake. Check. Done and done.

I sure love you little man!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

Well, it's that time of year again. Probably past it, but we like to do things a little late in this family. Kember has been asking and asking forever to get pumpkins but I kept putting her off. I'll admit it was because I didn't want to buy any and I was hoping the parents would have extras for us. Turns out neither set of parents pumpkin crops turned out real great this year, so we had to buy some. Next year we'll try again to grow them...and not leave them unwatered for a week during the hottest part of the summer while we go out of town :) So, while ordering our Bountiful Basket for our date night activity (look for an Iron Chef was awesome!) we decided to get some pumpkins too! And after everything was ordered we realized our order was going to Roy, UT. Huh, well, we don't live anywhere close to Roy, so that was a waste of money. So we bought more pumpkins at Harmons. Which we should have done in the first place because they were way cheaper. Ah well. Live and and learn.Here is the outcome of the pumpkin carving. Oh wait, there are only three pumpkins and there are five of us. Let's see...the Cat's Kember's choice...the Cyclopes is Caden's, and the little one is Cole' where are Dan's and mine? Especially Dan's, since he loves this activity....especially using power tools to help him :) Well, here's what happened. I'm sick. Carving pumpkins outside did not appeal to me at all. But Dan, being the good father that he is, took it upon himself to clean-out and carve everyone's pumpkins after they picked their template (because I'm not letting them near the knives). By the time that was finish, and don't worry, even though the kids didn't really help, they had a blast, Dan as worn out and it was getting dark. I don't know if we'll get to carving ours. Maybe I'll just let the kids paint on them, but whatever. They were so cute sitting there for pictures saying, "Happy Halloween!" Especially Cole. He puts this weird cadence on the word Halloween and makes it...funny. Anyway. Here they each are by their proud pumpkin.
Happy Halloween!

Iron Chef Date Night

It's true. Dan and I are cool. Even if I have to state it myself on a blog. We are trying to date more, and one of our ideas was for a group of us to do Iron Chef. It turned out more like Master Chef if you are cool like us and watch cooking shows on Hulu, but only if you're cool like that would you know these things. So we sent out invitations (which I was pretty proud of ps by-the-way) and asked some of our friends to join us for an evening to "Create a culinary masterpiece that will be judged on taste, presentation, and creativity." We stayed up the night before watching Julie & Julia (or Julia & Julie) to prepare...not a bad movie...don't know if I would recommend it, but it was about cooking, and we're cool like that. Are you convinced yet?We gave everyone instructions to bring one meat (or protein) and two other ingredients or spices and we would provide the rest. I'll have to say that our kitchen was really crowded, but it was awesome just the same. Everyone had 45 minutes to cook something. It ended up being more like an hour because ... let's face it... we aren't chef's and for cooking in someone else's kitchen using who knows what is no easy task. Here's how it turned out.The Pelton's brought fish and steamed that...and did other fishy stuff that I don't understand and never will. They also bake that yummy looking apple and stuffed it with yummy goodness. While I personally didn't appreciate the fish (and Ginger admitted that she chose that so I'd have to taste it...little stinker) the apple was divine, and look at their plating! Awesome!The Pence's created a yummy chicken stir fry, while not only making it up on the spot, but taking care of their twins as well. Again look at that plating. Actually, I keep looking at his hat. Don't you love that! I've got to get one of those for all those time I want to feel like a cook! Christmas is coming, so I'm just saying...I'd look awesome (or funny) in one of those hats.Because we are Johnson's we picked beef. And apparently because we're us and don't do healthy food we chose to deep fry it. What could be better than thinly sliced steak marinated and cooked to perfection by Dan and wrapped with chunks of cheddar cheese in a biscuit fried in oil then smothered in a cheese sauce? Then, to top it off ... cube up some apples and cook those with lemon juice and sugar, and stick them in cream cheese, wrap them up in a biscuit and fry those as well...not to mention a sugar glaze over it. Well, we haven't died of a heart attack yet. All of the finished master pieces...framed by our ingredient table. We wanted to go to the DI and get a really ugly trophy (or make it really ugly) for the winner, but we forgot till the end. So we just agreed that someone else would host Iron Chef again, and it will be more awesomeness. Proof that I tried fish. They didn't get a picture of my face after wards which was probably a good thing. And just a goober picture of Dan because he's cool, and I love him!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Have you ever seen a potato explode? I hadn't until July, but look they do!

This was because I forgot to stick holes in it. I was really surprised to find such a mess in my oven, but I thought it was hilarious...until I tried to turn the oven to the clean cycle forgetting that there were bits of potato still in there. All I remembered is that my oven was messy...and it needed to be cleaned. That wasn't my smartest moment. I did it right before I went to bed and when I went into my dark kitchen a little later to grab a drink I saw flames glowing from my oven. Huh...that's not good. So I calmly went to Dan and said..."There's a fire in the oven." He wasn't the calmest I've ever seen him, but the fire had also put itself out by the time he looked at it. Dan wasn't extremely pleased with me, but I still (two months later) find the whole thing hilarious.

Swim Lessons

Be prepared for a backlog of blogs from July. I know, I's a little late, but what can you do? This summer I decided that we were really going to put the kids in swimming lessons. I meant to last year, but never got around to it. But with all the water here, I thought it was probably wise. So, I signed Kember and Caden up for lessons at the city pool. Let's just say that one-Kember loved it! Love, loved it. In fact, after lessons were over she wanted to do another session, which I would have signed her up for, but they were all filled up. She did pretty well. She still talks about it months later. Actually...she learned best when we went swimming with some friends and the kids taught Kember. I'll need to remember that for next year. And two-Caden hated ever second of it. He hated it so much I ended up withdrawing him from the class. I thought he would love it. He loves swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's pool. He loves swimming period...but he did not like this class. I even moved Kember down a class thinking it would help him to have her in the same class. It didn't...and then I couldn't get Kember to go back to her original class. Oh well. Maybe when he turns 5. I was going to sign him up for soccer or something, but we are going to hold off signing him up for anything like that. Anyway, after two classes of him not getting in the water at all, I decided it wasn't worth the effort. The teacher really did try her best, but Caden is rather stubborn (huh...wonder where he got that from). So, Kember learned to stick her head under water and doggy paddle with out a life jacket, and Caden keeps telling me that he can swim, and very proudly with his life jacket on, he swims around Grandma's pool. What a stinker. But he sure is cute!