Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday #11

Today I'm thankful for my children again. I just think they are wonderful. I've been trying to get stuff ready for the baby to come (but sadly lacking in motivation...sigh). So today I decided to actually work on some stuff. Some of that stuff was to clean off a swing that has been kept outside. It's been sitting in my house for two days now just waiting for me. Kember wanted to help, so...I gave her a wipe and we went to town. The boys showed up seconds later all wanting to help too. So, we wiped away. I think they are getting excited for the baby to come. Kember told me that she is old enough and big enough to hold her, but Cole is not. And she was very concerned today that Cole might hit the baby. Anyway, it was fun to do some cleaning with my kids. I definitely need to let them help more. Maybe we'll try tomorrow by sorting the baby clothes. That would be interesting to see what they think anyway.


Loni said...

I love how the kids all want to help do something they aren't assigned to do.

Rorie said...

Way to go for letting your kids help! I'm struggling to allow that. It's always so much easier when I do it myself, but how will they learn if I don't let them do it?

Andrea said...

I'm excited to see some of Zoie's baby clothes on your little one (what did you decide to name her?).