Saturday, August 30, 2008


I felt like I was getting a little sick on Thursday night, but just passed it off on exhaustion. However, sleep did not come at all that night because of a headache. I'm not one that normally takes medication for headaches (not sure why...but I don't), but when 5:30 rolled around and I still was awake and in pain I made Dan get up and find me some (I know, wasn't it nice that I made Dan do it, but in my defense, his alarm had just gone off so he was awake...sort of). Anyway, the IBprofin did nothing what-so-ever, and all day the headache got worse and worse. I finally got a little worried about it and called my doctor to see if it was normal, or if I could take something different for it. Turns out I'm not supposed to take IBprofin while pregnant...oops. Tylenol is supposedly what you can take. Yikes...good thing I don't take medication often. Anyway, Dan came home from school earlier than normal because I started crying on the phone on him. He took the kids and I tried to sleep. Oh, it turns out the doctor said I had a tension headache, and I would just like to say, "If this is anything at all similar to those headaches you get if they mess up your epidural, I am so sorry for all of you who have ever experienced that." My poor kids were neglected while I tried not to move my head at all. Anyway, Dan is amazing and the kids were understanding. Kember kept trying to help with my ice (veggie) pack and heating (rice) bag. It hurt more to have her help, but she did try! :)
Kember also met with her teacher yesterday. We are both very excited that she is going to school, and meeting the teacher Kember kept showing off. It was really cute.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


What an odd word, and what an odder sensation it is to actually be experiencing it. I know, I’m on my third pregnancy, but I didn’t come anywhere near “nesting” with the other two. I never thought I would either. Well, come it has. I also thought that if I ever did nest it would be the last couple weeks of my pregnancy. No, this isn’t the case either. I’ve been nesting for months. Dan doesn’t know what to do with me. It’s so odd and different from usual (which is a sad commentary on my regular housekeeping skills) he just shakes his head and tries to stay out of my way. You see, I get rather testy about it too. If anyone (in other words, Dan) says anything or doesn’t clean up after themselves they had better watch out! On our last little trip I couldn’t handle the car ride. Not because I was 6 ½ months pregnant, but because our car was a disaster. Every time we would stop I would have to clean out the car. When we dropped our kids off at Dan’s parents house Dan wanted to take off right, but I wouldn’t let him until I’d cleaned out the car. Any time we pulled into a hotel, Dan would get the luggage, I would clean out the car. I wonder how long this is going to last. Does it end when I have the baby because I’ll be too tired to carry on and have three little ones about? Now granted…if you were to stop by right now I’m sure you wouldn’t think I was nesting (little people follow after me and undo everything I’ve done), but nesting I am, and an odder sensation I haven’t experienced. I even want to pack. Granted, we aren’t moving anywhere until May of ’09, and even that isn’t set in stone (far from it actually….Dan needs to find a job first). But I still want to throw everything away and put what’s left in boxes. Is this normal? My organizational skills were never very good, but I have a hankering to organize everything and it drives me batty that I don’t know the best way to do it; especially the kids’ room with all their toys. My next organizational project is probably going to be our hall closet…this has been a disaster since we moved it, but I’m really getting excited about throwing everything out. Wahoo!

In other news, we actually went on a date last night. I know, amazing. Our good friends the Morley's watched our kids for us (thanks so much!!!) so we could get out and about.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oh the TERROR of it all

This is going to be a quickie because I escaped for just a short time and the library is going to close soon. Also, no pictures (sigh...some day I will post pictures again).
Kember is starting school in September. She is very excited about this (we will see how excited she is when it actually rolls around), and is constantly telling anyone who will listen that she is going to school in september and gets to ride the bus all by herself (again, we will see if she actually will, but she's excited for now). I'm excited for her. I think it will be a great experience and give me a little break from three kids. Anyway, to go to school everything needed to be doctors appointments, immunizations, and dentists. Everything was right on schedule...except the dentist. Well, I called and got her an appointment and I thought "No problem." See, Kember normally does really well at new things. Apparently the Dentist is the exception. Holy cow. She cried/screamed for 45 minutes. She clung on to me sooo tight I couldn't breath. Caden thought the whole thing was really cool, but I couldn't really chase him down while I had an attachment of Kember on me. All the Dentist wanted to do was count her teeth. We had even practiced the day before and talked about it, read books, etc. After he got her teeth counted (20, just incase you were wondering) and left she calmed down a little (he must have scared her) the nurse/hygenist was able to apply floride and do the air thing in her mouth. Boy, it was quite the process and completely wore me out. But she loved the little bag of stuff they gave her afterwards. Needless to say, I'm not looking forward to going back in 6 months, and I think we are going to find another dentist that has a more kid friendly office. I might even try going with a friend so Kember can watch. Who knows....I might just put it off and wait until she's older...yep, that's good parenting for you!
Oh, and speaking of terrors, I had a doctor appointment today and had to do the diabetes test...yuck. The nasty orange drink is still nasty, but at least this one wasn't carbonated. It definitely makes it easier to chug if you don't have fizzy bubbles burning your throat.
I think we are finally over the "sick" phase of ... whatever phase we were in. After both kids had high fevers and threw-up all over we are good to go. Our van is still dead (oops..that's my fault), so I'm taking Dan to school in the mornings. It's a little early for me, but since we aren't locking Kember in her room at night anymore (night time potty training has begun...speaking of terrors) she is able to get out and about around 6ish...oh happy happy day. I love child proof locks, and am definitely going to miss that option.

Friday, August 1, 2008


This is a random blog (see my blog title if you are expecting something different) all about how grateful I am to have a GPS. Our trip to California would have been difficult and extremely frustrating if we didn't have this little beauty. If you are directionally challenged I highly recommend getting one. Actually, even if you aren't directionally challenged they are still wonderful things. Dan is really good at directions, but even he loves this little beauty. It's kind of fun to see how many miles you have left to go, what your estimated arrival time it, and it is great fun to see that time get less and less (although, really frustrating to see the minutes go up if you're stuck in traffic or make a pit stop or something). There is the slight problem, that with the GPS, I don't really pay attention to where I've turned or how I got there...and if the GPS doesn't work on the way back, well, you're stuck. Anyway, they are wonderful little things and they give me a lot more confidence when I drive. We still use maps (I must be a visual person). I like to see where I am in the "grand" scheme of things, and the GPS (ours anyway) doesn't show you that. Anyway, on a list of the greatest inventions ever made...GPS would be up close to the top on mine. That may be pretty sad, but I love it.