Sunday, February 22, 2015

The best way to start a weekend!

This weekend we decided to celebrate Scott's birthday. After the kids got out of school, we headed up to the mountain up from the feedlot. While it's been really good weather lately, it was a little nippy (although, it's February, no snow, and the kids didn't wear a jacket or coat for most of the outing, so no complaints here). Scott brought the horses up, every family brought their guns, and we roasted hot dogs over a fire :) The kids had a lot of fun finding spent shotgun shells, and looking for glass bottles to shoot (no worries, we cleaned up the glass after we were done). There was some fighting over wanting to keep the bottles...who knew beer bottles were so pretty? But we finally convinced the kids that shooting them was a better option. The adults got to chat while the kids played in the dirt. Each family took turns with the horses. I can't believe how pretty it was up there. Like I said, it's February and no snow which is awesome (even if we do need the moisture), but the contrast between the orange mountain and the green trees was breathtaking. I'd never been up that way before, and I'm hoping to convince Dan to take us us there again so we can explore some more when others aren't waiting for the horses and babysitting those that stayed behind. Then we shot the kid's 22's. Even Milee got in on the action this time, and she was so proud of herself she did a clap skippy jump thingy when she was done.  It got really cold by the time the sun went down, so we packed everything up and headed home. After everyone had baths and got cleaned up Jed and Nanci and their family came over to watch some movies. We need to do more stuff like this as a family. It was awesome.


And this is the man who made it possible for our family to go up and have a good time. Thanks for all  you did love!