Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I need an internal heater that works

Someone needs to explain something to me. Or they need to figure out why I'm so weird. Here's the situation. During the Winter, in an attempt to keep our bills down we tried to keep our heat at around 65. Which might not be cold for you people up North, but for me it was pretty reasonable, although I turned it up any chance I got. Anyway, our bills lowered and all was well in the world. Then it started to warm up. The sun would come out and I would open my blinds and again, all was happy in the world. I even turned the heat off. Here's where it starts getting weird. I turned the heat off and I was fine (as long as the sun was shining through my widows) even in the temperature in my house was at 61ish. Whatever, I was saving loads of money right? Well, here we are well into Spring and the heat is off for good (unless it's a really cold rainy day). Temperatures are high sixties, maybe even 70's outside, and it is just beautiful and lovely. I couldn't ask for more....expect I'm freezing! My house right now is 69 degrees, and I'm wrapped up in sweats, sweatshirt, and three blankets. Yet a month ago I was okay with 61 degrees. Hello, something is wrong with this picture. And I'm guessing when it gets really hot here 69 degrees will just be too hot. What is a person to do?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Calling

Out with the old, in with the new. I got a new calling today (which wasn't a surprise since at our Mid-week RS Activity one of the counselors told me she was sorry that I wasn't going to be the chorister anymore...which was a surprise!). I could be like my oldest brother who blogs that he got a new calling, but didn't tell what it was (grrr), but that would be no fun and ruin the post I have written in my head.
Have you ever cried when you got a calling? I don't mean cried because you felt the Spirit so strongly you cried, but I mean, cried. Ya, I've never heard of anyone doing that before. I've heard of people not really wanting the calling (had a few of those) but accepting it anyway because that's what they were taught to do, or not accepting the calling (which is a little foreign to me because I grew up learning that you say yes to callings). Well, I accepted being a Nursery Worker, and when the counselor left my house I cried. A lot. I cried when Dan hugged me and said some really sweet things to try to make me feel better. I cried when I was putting on my eye make-up (which, just in case you were wondering, doesn't work extremely well, but I persevered and got the stuff on, which is quite the feat for me regardless of wet eyes or not), I cried during the opening hymn in Sacrament meeting, and finally got a hold of myself. Although I was told by some friends that I definitely didn't look happy when they announced my name and have you stand...Ooops. But in my defense this was hopefully because I had just been crying and was trying not to look like it. But on the bright side I was wearing foundation so I didn't turn all blotchy (well, you couldn't see it as well) as I normally do when I cry. I can't even blame the crying on the fact that I'm a girl, because I've had callings before that I wasn't extremely excited about and never cried then. And come on...who cries when they get a calling. That's just pathetic. It shouldn't have come as a surprise, but for some reason Nursery didn't occur to me. Primary did (and yes, technically I know they are apart of each other, but to me they are separate entities). Actually, my first day today in Nursery wasn't so bad. I'll admit I have concerns with having both Cole and Caden in there with me, but the time passed quickly and it should be pretty good. I was asked to do the music, and since I have strong views on this it should be okay. The two ladies that I met were nice and we should get along. The kids are cute, and it will take me a while to remember their names. The embarrassing thing is, the names that I can't remember are the kids that their moms are in there with them...
I realize I'm not going to get any sympathy from this post. Who hasn't worked in the Nursery? Given the different wards we've been in it is actually amazing that I haven't worked in there sooner. But this is my trial. Most people have trials like illness, or losing jobs, but something big like's the Nursery. But hey, I'll take it. I don't particularly want that big stuff, so I'll happily endure to the end with mine. Happy was the key word there. I'm almost convinced...well, I'm working on it anyway.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Look what I made

This was just fun, and I thought I'd share. Can you tell what it is? I offered to bring a cake to our RS Activity tomorrow and my month was August. When I think of August I think of school starting (regardless of whether or not it actually starts then), and I found this off the Wilton website. The fun part is that its a jelly roll cake....and I made it! I had no idea what that was, but hey, the internet is a wonderful thing. I have no idea if frosting will taste good on a jelly roll cake, but this is what they get. I probably could have left the jelly out...hmmm. Oh well, too late now. It would have been cooler if I would have done the four other colors as well, but I started this after 8, and....I'm done. It also would have looked better if I had used fondant, but I'll admit that intimidates me. I'd love to play with it, but making it makes me nervous...and I didn't have enough marshmallows to give it a try. Anyway, just thought it was fun. Oh, don't mind the pan, or the mess on the pan...I took a picture as soon as I was done.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Have you guys heard about Swagbucks? It's a search engine (like google, or ask) that gets you points for using it, and you can turn those points into gift cards. I'm doing it right now to save up a fifty dollar gift card to Lowes for Dan for Christmas. I figure, I'm looking on the web anyway, I might as well get something for it. Check it out here. Dan used some to try to buy me flowers on Valentines day..cute eh? Give it a try.
(Does this sound like a walking ad? Yes, well, it kind of is. I do use it every time I'm on the internet, and I'll tell you this the searches don't produce the greatest results, but if you use it for things that you would normally use your favorites button for, or for things you know the address for, it increases your chances of getting swagbucks. You don't get a whole lot....I average 30 a day, so it does take a while to get enough to get your gift cards, but if you are saving for something like a birthday or christmas...why not? It doesn't take any extra effort.)