Thursday, June 16, 2011


My kids are sweet. Occasionally they like to give me things. Cole told me that he picked flowers for me....okay, but where were they? They he started to pull handfuls out of his pockets. Good thing they didn't go through the wash like they normally would have. It was too cute. Thanks buddy for the flowers.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mud Wars

We were trying to get our backyard cleaned up so it would look nicer for potential buyers (that isn't going well...if you know of anyone who needs a house in St George send them our way) and we created a muddy river instead. But no worries, the kids had a blast. Well, Kember and Cole did anyway. Caden wanted nothing to do with it once I told him that he couldn't get other people muddy if he didn't want them getting him muddy. So Kember and Cole threw mud at each other for a while. They loved every bit of it until I got to clean them off with the hose. Apparently the water was really cold...but I thought it was fun to squirt them off!And just for the record Cameron, (I know you don't read my blog but someone in the family can tell you) Kember is wearing the shirt you gave her and yes, it is muddy, but no I didn't tell her to change into it to be a mud play shirt. She was wearing it to start with and I just didn't stop her or tell her to change...and yes, all the mud came out and she still wears the shirt do the boys.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Duck Face

Have you ever seen the duck face on Cole? I was just looking through my pictures and came across these and had to laugh. He does the duck face when he is getting angry, and it probably doesn't help that I laugh at him...but come's funny looking! These pictures aren't actually of the duck face, but they are close enough to give you an idea of what it looks like. He actually has a hurt lip in these pictures. I don't know how he got it, you'd have to ask grandpa. This first picture is accurate in how he is normally feeling at the time of the duck face: angry.The next picture is accurate in the pouty/duck face. Just put the two of them together...without a swollen lip.And just randomly because I can....Cole isn't feeling 100% and so he wakes up at night, but not really wakes up. Normally a drink of water will calm him down, but tonight he was not awake all the way and obviously distressed. I asked if he wanted water and he screamed yes, and since I didn't want him to wake up Caden I asked if he wanted to come with me to get it. He screamed yes again. So I get him a drink in the kitchen but he doesn't want to drink it in the kitchen, so I take him back to bed and try to give it to him and he's crying about something. Finally I figure out that he just wanted the cup to be on the floor. He never did take a sip of the water, but once I put it on the floor he just laid down and pulled the blanket over himself. What a funny kid.

And again, just because I can...the other night at the hotel Dan and I were watching TV or something and the kids were sleeping. Kember bolts up right and starts lecturing Caden in her sleep. It was the funniest thing ever. I asked Dan if I talked in my sleep and he said no, but then I got to would he know? He'd sleep right through it. So I wonder if it's hereditary, or if she was just really really frustrated with Caden in her dreams.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Look Who's Crawling

Well, you can't really tell from the video because she's distracted by the camera, but she really is crawling and surprisingly enough it isn't a gimpy crawl like all the others have had. Sometimes she will try to use her feet like walking with her hands down, but obviously that doesn't get her very far. No, for serious movement she goes all out, and it is too cute. She started crawling/moving about three weeks ago and I thought I should probably blog her progress, since she is mentioned very little on the blog (although, since I don't blog often, everyone is mentioned very little!). Hopefully I can get the video to work because then you'd get to see her sweet smile and hear her laugh. Really, she's a cutie. It's actually really funny to watch her try to crawl on our wood floor with pants on. She slips a lot but keeps trying to go forward. She also loves (and I do mean LOVES to stand. She pulls herself up on anything she can reach and just is so proud of herself. And then if you hold her hands and walk a bit she just giggles and laughs. She's a cutie alright. Oh, have I already mentioned that in this post? Well, she is.