Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mud Wars

We were trying to get our backyard cleaned up so it would look nicer for potential buyers (that isn't going well...if you know of anyone who needs a house in St George send them our way) and we created a muddy river instead. But no worries, the kids had a blast. Well, Kember and Cole did anyway. Caden wanted nothing to do with it once I told him that he couldn't get other people muddy if he didn't want them getting him muddy. So Kember and Cole threw mud at each other for a while. They loved every bit of it until I got to clean them off with the hose. Apparently the water was really cold...but I thought it was fun to squirt them off!And just for the record Cameron, (I know you don't read my blog but someone in the family can tell you) Kember is wearing the shirt you gave her and yes, it is muddy, but no I didn't tell her to change into it to be a mud play shirt. She was wearing it to start with and I just didn't stop her or tell her to change...and yes, all the mud came out and she still wears the shirt do the boys.


According to Ana said...

Looks like you are fairing pretty well as a "single mamma"

I am crossing my fingers, and saying my prayers that your house will sell soon.


Rorie said...

My kids love playing in the mud too. And I'm totally OK with it because it's so much fun to squirt them off with the hose afterwards. :)
I really hope for your sake that your home can sell/rent soon. If only so that you can live in the same place as your hubby. Not because I am happy about you leaving.

Andrea said...

I was totally going to lay into you about the shirt until I got down to that part. ;)

Looks like fun.