Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back to Blogging with my “deep” thoughts

Do you think we will remember everything once we die? I ask this because Dan and I keep losing pictures, and I realized that this is one of the best ways for me to remember things (since we all know how great I am at writing stuff down). Unless I see a picture, it’s hard for me to remember what happened. And even then, it is just vague happy memories, not details. Last night I was organizing our pictures on our computer so I could blog more easily. Around midnight I discovered that the pictures that we took of that wonderful vacation that Dan and I took to California were missing. All of a sudden I could think of loads more pictures that we didn’t have. I went to bed sick to my stomach. How could we not back that up? I thought we had…So I laid in bed pondering my above question and just feeling sick that I had lost those pictures. Since we can’t take anything with us when we die (except for the knowledge that we gain while down here) I was thinking how great it would be if I could remember everything perfectly so that I didn’t need the pictures. Although, I did start to think that maybe it wouldn’t be so great because then we would remember perfectly all our faults and wrong choices and mistakes and everything too…but then forgiveness has to come into play there somewhere, but only if we repent…which apparently is loads harder to do once we die, which is why we are supposed to do it now. Anyway, these were my thoughts until I figured I would check our external hard-drive again. I found my California pictures and some others. We are still missing some from the first time our computer died, and I think we are missing a few from when the lap top died (we did try to back it up, but it was just an empty folder on the external hard drive…oops). So, it all ended well. But now I’m stuck with my random thought, do I really want to remember everything I’ve been up to? Maybe I should start living better so I will have way more good happy memories than not so happy memories.


When I got home Dan had a surprise for me. It was a new shiny chrome dishwasher! I feel spoiled, but very glad to have it. Dishwashers are wonderful inventions and I love it. It took Dan a few days to get it installed, what with work and finding all the right parts and stuff, but in my book it was worth it.
So I thought I would show a picture of my new dishwasher and the used glass-top stove we recently purchased as well. But I can't figure out how on this computer, so you'll see them later.
The stove needs a little work. It was used and not well taken care of before, but it works and I love it. I’m very glad to have a glass top stove. It definitely beats having the older monster that was in our house before. The house still needs a lot of work, but little by little we are getting there. I’ll post pictures of it eventually :)

Girls weekend...with boys too

I went up to visit my family the other weekend because Carol Lee came down and took Kember and Caden home with her for a few days. I figured I was free and needed to make the most of my time. So, instead of cleaning and organizing like I should have done (not to mention painting, but boy am I sick of painting) I headed up to Midway. After all, I’m close enough that I can visit my family now, so I should. Cole and I left pretty late (well, considering I have a five hour drive ahead of me, 4:30 is pretty late) on Sunday, and went up to my parents house. I had called both my sisters but only one was able to come up on Monday and hang-out with me. My mom, sister, me and Cole, my sisters sister-in-law and her roommate, my sisters two kids, and my Aunt all went to the Oquirrh Moutain temple open house on Monday. It is a very beautiful temple and I was wishing that Dan and my kids could see it too. Boy was it cold. Maybe I’m getting too used to the heat (hahaha) in St. George, but Midway was freezing. I don’t think I was warm the entire time I was there. After the temple we just moseyed back to Midway. It took some doing, but I convinced my sister that she should spend the night so we could have a proper girls night (not that I really know what a girls night is, let alone a proper one, but whatever). She finally agreed after I bought her a toothbrush. My brother and his family came over and we just did silly things for awhile, like head stand contests, and human pyramids. After they left Andrea dyed my hair, and the three of us girls painted our toenails. I think this was the first time ever that my mom has painted her toe nails. My hair turned out pretty bad. My sister did a great job, but the color I chose was not a good one. I look pretty funny, but I can’t convince Dan to dye my hair again. He doesn’t want to mess it up, but really, how much worse could it look? Anyway, my mom went to bed and Andrea and I stayed up, put in a chick-flick (Sabrina) and tried to apply fake nails. Only we didn’t notice that they weren’t stick ons, and we should have bought glue to apply them. Opps. After an unsuccessful attempt of using Elmers, we gave it up as a bad job, which was too bad because we spent so much time cutting them down to actually fit our nails. Ah well. It was fun. During the whole process my dad and Cole just thought we were pretty weird.
Tuesday I went up to Mapleton with Andrea and hung out with her. We were going to make raspberry jam, but all of her raspberries were moldy. I was pretty gross. So I read the Princess Academy instead. It was really relaxing. My parents came up for dinner and it was good to see them again. Cole and I picked up the other kids and headed back to St. George the next day. Nothing spectacular but it was a good weekend. It was especially good to be back home though. Nothing like a girls night to relax and laugh. Oh, and if anyone wants to come fix my hair, please come on over!


So, remember how I said we would be closing on the 11th or 12th of May? Ya, that didn’t quite happen how I planned. At all. It’s a funny story now, but it sure was frustrating at the time. Every day the lady would tell us, “tomorrow” and every day they requested more information. Which wasn’t too bad, except our Budget truck had to be turned in on Wednesday and then all our stuff was in storage so information wasn’t readily accessible. We were very lucky that Dan had grandparents down here and that they let us stay with them. We were even more lucky that things just worked out. We painted and worked on the house a little bit almost every day, even though technically they we weren’t supposed to. After awhile though, I stopped going by the house…it was kind of depressing. The neighbors all came over and welcomed us to the neighborhood, but since we still weren’t sure if we were going to be moving into the neighborhood it was just kind of awkward. The loan lady even started to avoid us. She wouldn’t answer her phone, wouldn’t respond to e-mails, and when we went into the office an assistant would come out to talkt to us. That was really funny. Do Dan and I come across as scary? Intimidating? I thought we were nice people, but maybe I’m wrong. Finally, in my own logical way of thinking, I decided that we needed a catalyst to get things moving…so I left. I went up to Aurora to visit Dan’s family. My sister-in-law came up to visit to. I figured that once I left and was a couple hours away, they would call and tell us we were going to close. It was hard to be in limbo at his grandparents house without any of our stuff (remember it was all in storage). I decided to go be in limbo somewhere else where it was a little cooler. See, all our summer clothes were in storage, and it was either in or close to a hundred most days. Well, my convoluted way of thinking worked! We closed the next day. Never mind the fact that we had to close by the 20th (it was in the contract) and never mind the fact that everyone was just as frustrated by all the delays as we were. I take all the credit for getting us to close by leaving. We signed the next day and moved all our stuff in the day after…not that we were supposed to do that either. We were supposed to wait till it funded, but we were a tab bit anxious I suppose. Dan had started work by this time, so my plans of a quick move in were a little hampered, but they did give him the morning off with a truck and a helper and they moved all our boxes out of our storage shed. I unpacked all afternoon and here we are. In our new house. We are never moving again!

Introducing Dr Johnson

On May 10th, 2009 Daniel Thomas Johnson has earned the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Washington State University. Dr. Johnson and his family will be taking a new job in St George, UT at the Dixie Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Johnson would like to thank all his family and friends for their support and friendship through the years. While he will miss Pullman, he is excited to enter this next stage of his life. He asks that those friends and family stay in touch, as he regards you all highly. Many Thanks!

Okay, okay, so that was really cheesy. I am pretty proud of Dan though. While we do love it here we miss everyone in Pullman. The kids still talk about “Pullman Washington” all the time.

Graduation was kind of a whirlwind, and I don’t feel like I really said goodbye to anyone. That makes me sad. There are loads of things that I wish I would have done. Maybe like not being in such a hurry to take off right after the ceremony. The ceremony was really good though. Even if it was a graduation, and on Mother’s Day. The drive afterward was not so great, even if it was just to Boise. I wish we would have had a party and invited you all to come. I wish I had taken more pictures of everyone. I hope we all stay in touch. Please email me your addresses or call me. My email is the same as it was before, and my phone number is going to stay the same for a while as well. And if you are ever in Utah, look us up, we love to have visitors. And for those of you already in Utah, come see us…again, we love to have visitors!I think this picture is so funny because I'm so short. I really never notice how short I am until I see a picture. Granted, Amy and Camille are tall, but still....look how much they have to hunch/bend over just to be around my size. Ah well.
This is Madi, one of Kembers friends.