Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Girls weekend...with boys too

I went up to visit my family the other weekend because Carol Lee came down and took Kember and Caden home with her for a few days. I figured I was free and needed to make the most of my time. So, instead of cleaning and organizing like I should have done (not to mention painting, but boy am I sick of painting) I headed up to Midway. After all, I’m close enough that I can visit my family now, so I should. Cole and I left pretty late (well, considering I have a five hour drive ahead of me, 4:30 is pretty late) on Sunday, and went up to my parents house. I had called both my sisters but only one was able to come up on Monday and hang-out with me. My mom, sister, me and Cole, my sisters sister-in-law and her roommate, my sisters two kids, and my Aunt all went to the Oquirrh Moutain temple open house on Monday. It is a very beautiful temple and I was wishing that Dan and my kids could see it too. Boy was it cold. Maybe I’m getting too used to the heat (hahaha) in St. George, but Midway was freezing. I don’t think I was warm the entire time I was there. After the temple we just moseyed back to Midway. It took some doing, but I convinced my sister that she should spend the night so we could have a proper girls night (not that I really know what a girls night is, let alone a proper one, but whatever). She finally agreed after I bought her a toothbrush. My brother and his family came over and we just did silly things for awhile, like head stand contests, and human pyramids. After they left Andrea dyed my hair, and the three of us girls painted our toenails. I think this was the first time ever that my mom has painted her toe nails. My hair turned out pretty bad. My sister did a great job, but the color I chose was not a good one. I look pretty funny, but I can’t convince Dan to dye my hair again. He doesn’t want to mess it up, but really, how much worse could it look? Anyway, my mom went to bed and Andrea and I stayed up, put in a chick-flick (Sabrina) and tried to apply fake nails. Only we didn’t notice that they weren’t stick ons, and we should have bought glue to apply them. Opps. After an unsuccessful attempt of using Elmers, we gave it up as a bad job, which was too bad because we spent so much time cutting them down to actually fit our nails. Ah well. It was fun. During the whole process my dad and Cole just thought we were pretty weird.
Tuesday I went up to Mapleton with Andrea and hung out with her. We were going to make raspberry jam, but all of her raspberries were moldy. I was pretty gross. So I read the Princess Academy instead. It was really relaxing. My parents came up for dinner and it was good to see them again. Cole and I picked up the other kids and headed back to St. George the next day. Nothing spectacular but it was a good weekend. It was especially good to be back home though. Nothing like a girls night to relax and laugh. Oh, and if anyone wants to come fix my hair, please come on over!


Andrea said...

I'm glad you convinced me. It was fun. I got new raspberries (thanks for convincing me to call the store), and froze them. Jam to come soon.

Rorie said...

Fun, fun, fun! I really wish I could have gone. Next time. :)
Can't wait to see your new hair-do tomorrow. ;) I don't know if you dare trust me to "fix" it, although I will try.
Oh, and I am very glad to see you in blog land again!

michelle said...

Sorry I was a little tired that night we got together. I am glad you had a good time:)

Loni said...

The strange thing is that painted toe-nails wash very easily - or at least the soaped up washed cloth slides right off them.

Those raspberries were real moldy when I put them in the compost.