Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Introducing Dr Johnson

On May 10th, 2009 Daniel Thomas Johnson has earned the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Washington State University. Dr. Johnson and his family will be taking a new job in St George, UT at the Dixie Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Johnson would like to thank all his family and friends for their support and friendship through the years. While he will miss Pullman, he is excited to enter this next stage of his life. He asks that those friends and family stay in touch, as he regards you all highly. Many Thanks!

Okay, okay, so that was really cheesy. I am pretty proud of Dan though. While we do love it here we miss everyone in Pullman. The kids still talk about “Pullman Washington” all the time.

Graduation was kind of a whirlwind, and I don’t feel like I really said goodbye to anyone. That makes me sad. There are loads of things that I wish I would have done. Maybe like not being in such a hurry to take off right after the ceremony. The ceremony was really good though. Even if it was a graduation, and on Mother’s Day. The drive afterward was not so great, even if it was just to Boise. I wish we would have had a party and invited you all to come. I wish I had taken more pictures of everyone. I hope we all stay in touch. Please email me your addresses or call me. My email is the same as it was before, and my phone number is going to stay the same for a while as well. And if you are ever in Utah, look us up, we love to have visitors. And for those of you already in Utah, come see us…again, we love to have visitors!I think this picture is so funny because I'm so short. I really never notice how short I am until I see a picture. Granted, Amy and Camille are tall, but still....look how much they have to hunch/bend over just to be around my size. Ah well.
This is Madi, one of Kembers friends.


Rorie said...

Hooray for graduating! And moving, even though it's not so easy to leave friends. But you're closer to me now, so that's all that matters, right? :P

Andrea said...

I love that picture of Dan in the moving truck.

Karen said...

Ok, so that last picture with the moving truck makes me really sad. Aidan still talks about Kember all the time & how he wants to marry her.
By the way, he now says that she is Gabriella & he is Troy because Kember is his girl.

Loni said...

Wahoo, a new blog. Yes it is sad to move away from great friends, but how much fun to write or call or have visitors.

Good luck to Dr. Dan. He will make a great doctor.

Rachael said...

I'm so glad you got the picture :)

Carrie said...

That is so exciting, congratulations. I'm so glad everything worked out with your house. You are so cute.Keep in touch!