Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So, remember how I said we would be closing on the 11th or 12th of May? Ya, that didn’t quite happen how I planned. At all. It’s a funny story now, but it sure was frustrating at the time. Every day the lady would tell us, “tomorrow” and every day they requested more information. Which wasn’t too bad, except our Budget truck had to be turned in on Wednesday and then all our stuff was in storage so information wasn’t readily accessible. We were very lucky that Dan had grandparents down here and that they let us stay with them. We were even more lucky that things just worked out. We painted and worked on the house a little bit almost every day, even though technically they we weren’t supposed to. After awhile though, I stopped going by the house…it was kind of depressing. The neighbors all came over and welcomed us to the neighborhood, but since we still weren’t sure if we were going to be moving into the neighborhood it was just kind of awkward. The loan lady even started to avoid us. She wouldn’t answer her phone, wouldn’t respond to e-mails, and when we went into the office an assistant would come out to talkt to us. That was really funny. Do Dan and I come across as scary? Intimidating? I thought we were nice people, but maybe I’m wrong. Finally, in my own logical way of thinking, I decided that we needed a catalyst to get things moving…so I left. I went up to Aurora to visit Dan’s family. My sister-in-law came up to visit to. I figured that once I left and was a couple hours away, they would call and tell us we were going to close. It was hard to be in limbo at his grandparents house without any of our stuff (remember it was all in storage). I decided to go be in limbo somewhere else where it was a little cooler. See, all our summer clothes were in storage, and it was either in or close to a hundred most days. Well, my convoluted way of thinking worked! We closed the next day. Never mind the fact that we had to close by the 20th (it was in the contract) and never mind the fact that everyone was just as frustrated by all the delays as we were. I take all the credit for getting us to close by leaving. We signed the next day and moved all our stuff in the day after…not that we were supposed to do that either. We were supposed to wait till it funded, but we were a tab bit anxious I suppose. Dan had started work by this time, so my plans of a quick move in were a little hampered, but they did give him the morning off with a truck and a helper and they moved all our boxes out of our storage shed. I unpacked all afternoon and here we are. In our new house. We are never moving again!


Rorie said...

I just have to say - NEVER SAY NEVER. Because when we moved into our Vegas house, we pretty much said that was our family raisin' house. And now look. :)
Can't wait to see you on Friday!

michelle said...

Moving is very stressful. I just don't understand it when people move every year unless you have no choice:)

Loni said...

Did Dan take down the sign? We are so happy you are finally getting settled.

Love your happy stance.

Rachael said...

whooohoo! I had so many problems with my realtor -- by the end I thought he was the most incompetent person I had ever met. What exactly does a realtor do anyways to deserve 5 or 10 percent of the value of the house?