Friday, March 12, 2010


Have you guys heard about Swagbucks? It's a search engine (like google, or ask) that gets you points for using it, and you can turn those points into gift cards. I'm doing it right now to save up a fifty dollar gift card to Lowes for Dan for Christmas. I figure, I'm looking on the web anyway, I might as well get something for it. Check it out here. Dan used some to try to buy me flowers on Valentines day..cute eh? Give it a try.
(Does this sound like a walking ad? Yes, well, it kind of is. I do use it every time I'm on the internet, and I'll tell you this the searches don't produce the greatest results, but if you use it for things that you would normally use your favorites button for, or for things you know the address for, it increases your chances of getting swagbucks. You don't get a whole lot....I average 30 a day, so it does take a while to get enough to get your gift cards, but if you are saving for something like a birthday or christmas...why not? It doesn't take any extra effort.)


Andrea said...

Nice plug there sister. I finally realized why I had an odd number. I've been getting 1 swag buck for having the toolbar. Mystery solved!

Rorie said...

Swagbucks is kind of fun. :) I just need people to sign up under me so I get more of them.