Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thankful Thought #10

Look at me, I'm on a roll. Today I'm thankful that Dan could go to my Dr.'s appointment with me. No, nothing happened, but he was able to meet my Dr. and said he liked him, which gives me more confidence in him so maybe I'll be able to relax a little bit more with this C-section. They sure do things differently here. To all you having c-sections in Pullman, be thankful that you are having them there. Granted, I can't say I'm not thankful to be having one here...because I never's just not as....organized as Pullman's is. Whatever. Monday it will be over, and that too is something to be thankful for.


Andrea said...

It's getting so close. So strange that my little sister is about to have double the amount of kids that I have. :)

Rorie said...

Wait, Monday, like in 4 days Monday? Wow, that came really fast. (I know, not fast enough for you, but still.)
Need anything?

Ooo! I'll be up there for Braden's eye appt on Thursday, so I'll get to see you guys! Woo-hoo! :)

Ma & Pa J. said...

Wow! I've been out of circulation for a few days. It was fun to catch up on the thankful thoughts.

Loni said...

I complained to my co-worker about not being able to take kids to the hospital and she told me that rule came about because of the Swine Flu. I guess they are trying to protect the mom and newborns.