Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cole's 2nd Birthday

Whew. A little late posting this, but it's sooner than I've posted Kember's. I've really got to do that at some point. We really did celebrate her turning 5, I promise.We don't do a lot for birthday's, but I always try to make a cake. I'll admit I wasn't into it this year and didn't want to make all. So, this isn't my best effort. Especially considering the fact that I was rushing to get it done so we could take the kids to a movie for Cole's birthday.Cole really seemed to enjoy it though. It tasted nasty. The butter that I used must have gotten freezer burn because the frosting tasted disgusting. Bleh. But the kids still ate it. Anyway. The cutest part of Cole's birthday was that he loves the "Happy Birthday" song. He would sing it all the time, but he would never say, "Happy Birthday to Me (or Cole)" it was always "Kember" or "Caden" or "Mommy" or "Daddy". And when I said, "to Cole" he would say, "Nooo" with a big smile on his face. And when you asked him how old he was he would say, "I four". Guess we are skipping a few years with this kid. We are still working on getting him to say that he is two.
Presents were actually really fun because the kids helped. Kember informed me that she had money, and she wanted to buy Cole a present. I keep money that she gets in her wallet in our safe, and she pleaded with me to take it out so she could buy him a train. She was very insistent on that. Nothing else would do. I tried to get her to buy some cheaper things, but she had to buy him a train. Caden also wanted to buy Cole something, but he doesn't have any money. So I gave him a nickle (generous, I know) and told him that Daddy would pay for the rest. He got Cole a car. They were each very excited to wrap their presents themselves, and Cole was even more happy to unwrap them. He knew just what to do. These pictures make me laugh because the car ramp we bought him is bigger than he is, but he was excited!
Where'd he go? He's there somewhere.After presents we went out to dinner, which was a waste of money because none of the kids ate all. Sigh. And then we took them to Toy Story 3. I'll admit I was nervous about this. We've never taken the kids to a movie before (well, that isn't entirely true...they had summer matinee's in Pullman, but I'm not counting those because the whole theater was filled with kids and babies and non-grown up people). And I was nervous because my kids are sensitive to what they watch. Cole seemed to like it okay. Caden did pretty well. There were some parts that scared him, but Kember insisted on leaving. I took her out and we waited in the lobby for quite some time. I convinced her to try it again (I wanted to see it), and Dan had to take her back out to the lobby for a bit. I want to encourage my kids to leave when they don't feel right about a movie, or if somethings I was trying to be supportive, but I really just didn't understand. But hopefully she will keep doing what she feels is right. Even if no one else feels the same way.
So, all in all, Cole had a good birthday, and I made a cake. Check. Done and done.

I sure love you little man!


Loni said...

No wonder you haven't been blogging. You are one busy mom. Love both posts and hope you keep them coming, but not at the expense of ignoring your darling children.

Andrea said...

I totally thought Cole had a blanket on in those pictures until you said the track was bigger than him. Very cute (especially that the kids wanted to get him presents). Too bad about the movie. We still haven't seen it.

Rorie said...

Boy, your "not best effort" cake is way better than my "work on it for hours" cakes! Very nice.
Oh and, I'm a loser. I knew Cole's birthday was in October. And I thought it was last weekend. It wasn't until this Wednesday that I actually looked at my calendar and realized that his birthday was a week and a half ago. Oops.
Happy (very belated) birthday to Cole!