Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Festivities

In order to keep up with the Jones' (In this case, my mother) I had to post two things tonight so she wouldn't post more than me on her blog (hehehe). So, pictures of our Halloween festivities for my viewing enjoyment. I'm sad we didn't take more pictures. I was always running around doing something else so I didn't get the kids when I really dressed them up complete with everything. But you get the picture.I'm actually really proud of how Caden's costume turned out (not in the above picture though). He wanted to be a knight (after switching from a super hero) and so I made a tunic and cape for him. We got a shield and sword at the dollar store and used a tool belt to hold his sword. I wanted to draw a dragon on his tunic, but that was one of the things that just didn't get done. I'm sure it all could have looked better, but since I can't read patterns and make things up as I go, I'm pleased with how it turned out. I was also going to make him wrist cuff thingy's. No, I have no idea what they are really called, but I saw them on some costumes when I was searching the internet for what a Knight's costume is supposed to look like.
Kember looked beautiful as a witch...even with her hair all funny. It is amazing what mascara and eyeliner do for her. I mean, I think she's a pretty girl, but holy cow...when you add make-up, which we didn't take a picture of, she's drop dead gorgeous. When Dan saw her he said that she wasn't allowed to wear make-up for a looong time.
Cole was reusing Caden spider costume from when he was a baby. He was really excited that he got to be a spider. He kept telling people he was a spider web. I wanted to spray his hair black and spike it, but Wal-Mart didn't have any black hair spray, so...we just spiked it for actual trick-or-treating (or our ward party).
Thursday night our friends called and said that the athletic department does a trunk-or-treat for the community at the stadium. Great! We were in. So we threw on the kids costumes and walked over.
Cole thought it was awesome that you said, "Trick-or-treat!" and people gave you candy. The other two didn't say much but they enjoyed getting all the candy anyway.We went to the costume parade at Kember's school on Friday. Caden and Cole didn't like the waiting so much, but once all the kids came out they told me which ones were their favorite. Caden was really excited every time he saw another knight (although most of them were Ninja's).Kember apparently doesn't do well with crowds of people, so I wasn't surprised at all to see her holding hands with her teacher for the parade. I'm actually pleasantly surprised she wasn't crying and agreed to walk with everyone else. This is progress (although, maybe I'm being to hard on her...but let me tell you, the primary program was a disaster as far as Kember was concerned)Kember thought it was really neat that her teacher was a super hero.

Kember's teacher let me bring the boys to Kember's class party. I went to help, but didn't end up doing anything. Ah well. Maybe with our last child I'll be helpful again.We ended Halloween night (or I guess Saturday night) with part of Charlie Brown's great pumpkin movie on Hulu. The kids really enjoyed staying up to watch it. And, this year we actually got some trick-or-treaters. Last year I think most people gave up because of all the trunk-or-treats that the different organizations do every year. We probably would have gotten even more, but I turned the porch light off when I couldn't get off the couch anymore. It's amazing how uncomfortable just sitting is. Ah well...three more weeks...three more weeks. Chant with me now. Three more weeks.
The boys ended up getting sick and so the three of us stayed home from church today. Caden learned how boring it is to be sick, and how much better it would have been to go to church, and Cole just slept the whole time.
So, there you have our Halloween festivities. Good times, great memories. Now if I could only stop eating the candy. Once I'm done being pregnant it certainly isn't going to help in the weight loss area. So maybe I should just enjoy it while I have the excuse of being the size of a whale.


Andrea said...

Oh, you are so far from being the size of a whale. You look VERY good. And, you are right about Kember. She is very gorgeous!

Loni said...

Oops, I forgot to mention I love the birthday cake. You are so clever.
Now, Halloween! How do you find time to get material and other stuff and make costumes and how do you create them?
Kember is one beautiful witch.

Rorie said...

Three more weeks, three more weeks! Wahoo! Very excited for you. :)
Sounds like a lot of fun festivities were had. Love the costumes. Way to go you for making Caden's!

Rachael said...

How can that be Cole?! And Kember looks just like you! Cute costumes, looks like a lot of fun (I love Halloween).

Ma & Pa J. said...

OOOOOOH Tarah! I love you. You are my idol. The look on Cole's face looking at his "very special" loader cake is priceless.They look so cute in their costumes and feel so proud to have cool costumes and a mother who cares about them.