Sunday, July 31, 2011

The conclusion

*My goal for blogging is to have either the same number of posts as my mother or to have at least one more....being the last day of the month, and almost midnight, I need to hurry to have the same number of here are a few quick things of what's been happening this month.

Family reunion number three took place at the end of July. Actually, it started on Kember's birthday, so that is what we did for her this year. I've been too pre-occupied with moving and renting our house to throw her a party...that and we were never really home to throw one anyway. But back to the reunion. All (or most actually) the Johnson clan met up at Cove Fort for the start of the Johnson Do-Dah.

We had a picnic lunch (which, because it's the Johnson's was absolutely delicious and amazing...bring on the food!) and then toured the fort. The kids had a great time playing around.
Then we headed to the ranch and got everyone settled in. We stayed up late talking and because of children who had a hard time during the night, we didn't sleep much either. By we I mean everyone who had to listen to screaming children and an unhappy mother (have I mentioned I get a bit cranky with lack of sleep?). Dan had to work again, so I soloed it to this reunion as well. It's a good thing I love his family so much.
Anyway, the next day we went on a mini-fau trek. I was super excited for this because I've never done a trek before. They became popular after my time in Young Women's (boy that makes me sound old....I guess I have been out of high school for 10 years now...crazy...crazy, crazy, crazy). It wasn't far, only about a mile and half or so, but it was a lot of fun. Carol Lee made skirts and bonnets for my girls, and they had handcarts for each family to push. So we loaded the babies on our hand cart and away we went!

Here is most of the Johnson clan when we stopped for lunch.And away we go again. Our handcart was pulled by Jed the whole way, with other helpers, like Nanci. The kids got to push. Kember was a real trooper. After lunch she told grandma, "I'm ready to push!" I was really proud of her.
Caden wasn't too excited about the whole "walking" idea. So he complained for a bit, but got into things towards the middle of the trek. All the kids ended up riding for the last bit.
I don't think Cole walked one step of the trek. He was either carried by grandpa or was sitting on someone's hand cart. The little stinker (literally as well as figuratively). And the babies even got to be carried for the last bit too.
Johnson get togethers are always fun, and I'm glad I got to go. I didn't see the kids much this the ranch all the kids just go play, and you don't have to worry about anything. They love it, and it's nice for all the parents too.

A good time was had by all.


Jan the Woman said...

So I seriously had no idea you were moving. I am SO SORRY we missed you! I didn't know you were moving and leaving last weekend! We will miss you SO MUCH! Let's keep in touch or at least keep blogging!

Andrea said...

Cute posts!

Ma & Pa J. said...

Thank you so much for posting all this about the reunion. Somehow it all looks and sounds so much better when you write about it! It was such a good time! A what a trouper you are to bring the kids and come!

michelle said...

I like this new goal of yours!!!! Keep it up:)))

Alicia said...

What? Where did you move? Did I miss that post? Keep updating your blog, though. It's fun to see Milee because she is almost the same age as Gracie. Although Gracie didn't start crawling until a few weeks ago :)