Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today I as able to see a baby calf being born. It was the neatest thing ever. I wonder if I found it so miraculous because I can't have babies that way. Anyway, we watched for quite a while (scared the cow...feel bad about that, but Caden just would not keep quiet. He's two, I know, but boy....) Dan and his dad decided that the baby needed to be pulled, so I also got to watch Dan at work! This made his occupation more real to me I think. It's the first thing I've seen him do besides stitching something up. The whole birthing process was amazing. Watching Dan was fun, and he said that luckily it wasn't a bad pulling (I don't know technical terms). Sometimes it's really hard to get the calf out, but this one was pretty easy apparently. It was fun to see the tongue and hoof stick out before you could see anything else. It's all just a pretty amazing thing. Heavenly Father really knows what He's doing. Needless to say we had a great day at the ranch. We saw this, rode horses, took a ride on the mule (not an animal...a kind of glorified golf-cart, but not really), got sunburned, and just had fun.
On a rather random note we were able to spend some time with Dan's brother and his wife and kids a few days ago. It was tons of fun, and I'm glad we went. While I was changing one of my boys' diaper my sister-in-law asked me why I put the clean diaper under the dirty one. I've always done this. I must have seen someone else do it this way. I can't remember what I told her. I think I said that it was to have something there just in case they decided to pee on me (which thankfully my boys have never done), but after that I really got thinking about it. I've come to this conclusion. I'm lazy. See, if they are poopy and I put a mat down and get poop on the mat then I have to clean the mat off, or blanket, or whatever it is. Diapers don't have to be cleaned. Mind you, if it's a blow-out of something its a completely different process altogether. But anyway, I'm sure you all wanted to know that, but there you have it.
On another random note, I cut some bangs (and then had my sister-in-law fix them). I like the swoopy bang look, but boy, I'm really inept or something and it just isn't working. I'm following the directions I was given (I think) but I just look kind of silly. Maybe I'm just not destined to have bangs. Wouldn't surprise me, but there you go.
So, this is a very shallow post, and I'm a little embarrassed by it, but I really think this way. Maybe some day I'll think deep thoughts and share those instead!


Anonymous said...

One time while at the ranch we got to witness a baby colt being born and then just a half hour later get up and start walking, and yes I agree, it is miraculous!

I wouldn't describe the diaper thing as lazy, rather I would call it Smart. Less mess the better, i'm constantly washing the changing pads, so I think you've caused a great awakening for me.

As for the bangs, it takes some practice. I would say I only master mine 3 outta 5 days a week. what about the other 2 days...well I don't even attempt. So don't give up, they look so pretty on you, and your probably just getting used to the new look.

And yes, we are so glad you came up too! It was neat to see jacob's different interactions with your kids, and it was fun hanging out with you guys, but lets be honest...its the cougar gold cheese that takes it all! Thanks, I savor every little bite.

Rorie said...

Not a shallow post at all. That's pretty cool about seeing the calf being born. What did your kids think of it?
I think you may have learned the diaper thing from Andrea, since that's what she does with her kids.
Can't wait to see you next week!

Jer and Jules said...

That would be so cool to see a calf born, but it would probably freak me out a little too.
I've always put the new diaper under the dirty one too, it's just what my mom taught me, so I don't think that's weird at all. I think it has to do with protection, and just being ready to get on with things once you've gotten rid of the dirty diaper and cleaned the little one up.
And maybe your bangs aren't so bad, I got swoopy ones awhile back and didn't like them, but once I got used to having them I really loved them. So maybe you just need to get used to them?
I really don't think this was a shallow post either, I mean have you seen what I post about? Now that's way more shallow than yours, most of the time.

michelle said...

Birth is an amazing thing. At the time I am thinking..."just get it out!!!" Then after the baby is born, my thought is,"It's Over!!!" Smile in relief:)

Han-Bone said...

That's funny you really enjoyed it. I too believe birth is an amazing process, but the other day we were watching an old home video of Todd's mare giving birth. It was a really big foal and she strained and pushed for a long time and Todd's Dad had to help pull her out, but I couldn't watch the whole thing, I felt so bad for the mare. Maybe because I had a baby not too long ago. :) I know this is a really long comment, but you also asked me about that barnyard felt book I made for Leah's birthday. Well, I ordered it from (well actually through Todd's sister that sells it). and I had to assemble it myself. YOu can buy it preassembled, which for five bucks more I recommend because it is a pretty involved process for this book. :) Good luck as you're nearing the end of school!

Andrea said...

I had someone question me for the diaper underneath thing once. I figured the guy had never changed one of his four kids' diapers if he didn't know about it, but apparently some people don't do it this way. I'm with you on it. It's so much easier and sanitary to not grab a blanket or poop mat or whatever.

Loni said...

I always wondered (still do) about putting a clean diaper under the old. I'm so cheap I can't stand the thought of soiling the new diaper before it gets a chance to be worn. Personally I used plastic bags or the bed pads I got from the hospital.

We need a picture of the swoopy bang look. :)

Jennie said...

Hey Tarah, it's been a long time since I've checked out your blog. I finally have fast enough internet that it's not a pain anymore. I bet you look cute with swoopy bangs. I love mine most days. It takes a while to get use to it, and I've also realized for me there is a proper length, if it gets too long I hate them. Good luck!