Friday, December 4, 2009

Death, Nature, and Superman

Odd title, I know, but my kids are fascinated with death (not sure if that is the right word...maybe obsessed). We live a couple blocks away from a cemetery and every time we pass they will make sure that we know we passed it and that when we die we are buried there. Just yesterday we watched "Up" and there's that part where the guys wife dies (it's not traumatic at all just in case you haven't seen it.) Anyway, Kember starts to cry (she's a little tender) and the whole movie she keeps asking why his mommy died (I kept telling her it was his wife, not mommy, but apparently that didn't sink in). We talked about it a lot, and when the movie was over Caden started asking why everyone died. He started to cry and he told me that didn't want to die. Well, it's not like I can promise him that he isn't going to die anytime soon (although, I would have liked too). I kept telling him that everyone dies, and that it's a good thing. We get to live with Heavenly Father again, and we get to see family and friends that have died. He just kept telling me that he didn't want to die and that he didn't want daddy to die (I don't know where that came from). It was an interesting conversation to say the least.
On to the nature part. All Fall I've been expecting our tree to shed it's leaves (it never changed's still green). Just yesterday I was thinking, "Well, maybe this kind of tree keeps most of it's leaves...or maybe it's just not really Fall yet (hey, don't mock me, the tempuratures are different here). Well, I was wrong (obviously) on both accounts. This morning all of a sudden the tree lost all of its leaves. ALL of them. Now instead of having a small pile that would be nice if we raked up, but not really a big deal, we have a huge pile that needs to be taken care of (but will have to wait for Christmas when Dan gets a leaf's on rocks, not grass so we can't rake it) Crazy. I've never seen anything like it. When Dan drove home for lunch today he did a double take at the tree too. He said that this morning the leaves were all still on the tree. I have thought before that raking leaves was a waste of time because they just keep falling off the tree. Well, I guess this is the tree for me! One time raking...alright :)
I've decided I know what it feels like to be Superman. I love to wear my fuzzy red robe around the house. It keeps me nice and toasty warm and is sooo comfortable. However, it is a little embarrasing to answer the door while wearing it, so when someone knocked on the door today and I was in the basement you should have seen how fast I moved to take off the robe and run upstairs. This must be what it feels like when Clark Kent becomes Supperman in a phone booth. It was awesome! Good's all in the little things.
Oh, and just so you all know, here is a joke that Kember told me today (one of them, the others didn't make any sense at all...)
What happens when you cross a frog and a pog?
Not so funy, but she's putting words together and I think that's a good thing.


Rorie said...

Joey and I have the "I don't want to die" conversation weekly, at least. I pretty much tell him the same things you are telling Caden.
I was going to make sure you DID NOT leave that nice pile of leaves on the grass all winter long, because hey? Why bother raking? Only to find out next spring that a huge pile of leaves left on grass for a very long time will kill any and all grass underneath it...I was going to tell you that, but then you said they were all on rocks, so never mind. :P

Andrea said...

I totally cried when the wife had the miscarriage and then died in Up.

Cute post.

michelle said...

So I guess Dan knows what he is getting for Christmas?:)

Loni said...

The thing about dieing is what if it hurts? Otherwise it can't be so bad, unless I'm bad and then it is really bad.

Did you kids ever ask about dieing? I don't remember.

A plug for composting. Gather those leaves into bags, put them on your lawn, run over them with the lawn mower (I'm assuming you have retrieved it from the neoighbors), then make a pile of the ground stuff on your dirt to leave all winter. :), :), :)

Loni said...

P.S. I like the Superman analogy. I can see you flying.