Sunday, August 29, 2010

7 Years and counting

Seven years ago yesterday Dan and I were married! Has every day been bliss and wonder? No. But, I'm happier now than I ever thought I would be, and I definitely wouldn't change marrying this wonderful man. It's funny how hard marriage is...especially when you throw kids in the mix, but it's always funny just how great it is too...especially when you consciously make an effort to make it great. Take yesterday for example. Our anniversary. Dan has had plans in the making for months now. Seriously, months. For one reason or another (ahem...mostly me) those plans got scrapped and he had to keep starting from scratch. But, what he came up with was probably the best thing he could have done for me personally. First, he got up early to pick up our Bountiful Basket and stop at the store for a few things. Let's just say that this was trying because little ones, who were up extremely late the night before, were up extremely early on this morning. But, Dan persevered and made me breakfast in bed (stuffed french toast if you can believe, it was yummy. I wasn't expecting the stuffed bit so I was pleasantly surprised). He let the kids help him, which I thought was cute. I know because I could hear everything going on while I was "sleeping". Good times. Next, we both frantically try to finish each others gifts while occupying three children who wanted to help with everything :). Now, on to our date. I had no idea what we were going to do. I know at one time we were going to go out of town for the weekend, another idea was to run to Vegas for the day, and I know that another idea was to go see a play. But like I said, all of these ideas (and others) got scrapped, so I was pretty clueless as to what was going to happen. We all load into the little Nissan (don't ask about the van, it's another post...just waiting to be typed and posted) and drive the kids to the babysitters, then Dan hands me a little book that he just finished typing. It's a Choose Your Own Adventure story that he made up for our date! How fun is that. It's actually really really impressive, and if I wasn't as lazy as I am now I would run downstairs and copy the first page for you all to read because it was really clever, thoughtful, and loads of fun. It was nice to just enjoy each other for the four hours we had the babysitter for (thanks Krystal for watching the kids!) After we picked up the kids we figured we go looking for a van. This might not have been the best idea in the world, but like I said, it's life. The kids will not be coming with us the next time we look for a van. They were just being kids, but it was a hassle and add to that the car buying experience of dealing with dealers, it wasn't the most fun I've had in my life. But it wasn't the worst either :). So anyway, the day doesn't sound like much (but that's because you weren't there), but Dan put a lot of effort into it, and it turned out better than a weekend away, or a trip to see a play.
I thought it would be fun to post some old photos of us.
This picture was taken the night he asked me to marry him. No, he didn't propose like with a ring or anything, but he told me he thought we should get married. Okay, here's the long story. The picture is on a Sunday night right before we go on a bike ride with his parents. He's kind of acting weird the whole time, but when we are done with the ride his grandparents are over visiting so I can't talk to him about it. Finally everyone goes to bed and I ask him what's up...because he just looks so....concerned. He blurts out, "I don't think we should wait to get married." I'm in complete shock because the Wednesday before while we were herding cattle he had told me that we should wait and "mature" our relationship. Whatever. Anyway, so that's where I was, and then he says that he doesn't want to wait, and the next thing I know his mom is out with the calendar and we're planning the date. My parents are still on their mission and he really didn't ask me yet, but the temple is called and we have a date. Hehehehe. A month later...we're married. Yep, long engagement. And to this day I still have to thank Scott (my father-in-law). While I changing out of my Sunday dress to go on the bike ride he asked Dan what he was waiting for. It got Dan thinking, and apparently scared him to death...and here we are 7 years later. So, thanks Scott for nudging your son in the right direction.This picture is funny to me because Dan is dying on the couch after having his adenoids and tonsils removed. We had just gotten officially (meaning, he got on his knee and gave me a ring) engaged and I went to support him through this surgery...Turns out I got sick and was throwing up in the hospital room and dying a horrible death (don't worry, I'm okay). While throwing up I could hear one of the nurses talking about how Dan must have had a hard time in surgery and the other nurse remarks, "No, that's his girlfriend". That was embarrassing. Well, it's all part of being a girl I guess. I like this picture because we are both just dying on the couch together. Good times...great memories.

So in 7 years we've
-finished our bachelors degree at USU
-had our first child
-moved out of state to start more schooling
-had our second child
-had our third child
-survived Vet school, and graduated
-got our first "real" job
-moved back to UT
-bought our first house
-are expecting our fourth child

Anyway, I won't bore anyone with any more pictures or memories, but I will say, "Dan, I love you. And I'm glad that you asked me to be yours forever. You are a wonderful man, husband, and father. I'm excited to look back on the next 7 years of our marriage think about all the things we've weathered together. Thanks for putting up with me, and loving me. I love you."


Kate Clayton said...

Happy Anniversary! Mike and I just celebrated 7 years in June. For some reason 7 years feels like a really big one to me. I don't know just does.

Andrea said...

What a sweet post! It was very cute-I wouldn't have minded more pictures and stories. Keep the blog posts coming!

And, happy belated anniversary. :)

Rorie said...

That is an awesome post. I totally recognize that first picture. Did I take it?
I think you need to post the book Dan made, because it sounds cool.
Love all the stories. :)
Sorry that I couldn't babysit yesterday, but it sounds like you had a very good day anyway!
Happy anniversary.

Loni said...

Happy Anniversary!
I say that sheepishly because I don't remember anniversaries (including my own). There must not be one romantic bone in my body. So glad you and Dan are much better than I. Here's to your next seven. Hip, hip, hooray!

And thanks for bloggin. Now we just need the van one and the book that Dan made. Hint, hint!!!

Hill Family said...

That was really fun to read. I like how truthful you are about life. It really is great/boring/hard/funny all at the same time. Happy Anniversary!

Ma & Pa J. said...

Sweet, sweet memories. I can't believe it has been seven years already. We love you both!

Jillyn said...

Sounds like you had a sweet anniversary :) I think you should post about the book because it sounds adorable lol :)

And pictures and stories are always fun to see and read :)

Happy anniversary!