Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

 *Look Dad, I'm writing on my blog...just for you.  You should be so proud of me!
 So another year came around for Halloween.  It was a big topic.  No one, except Caden, could decide what they wanted to be.  Caden knew very early on that he wanted to be a Jawa (the little guys from Star Wars that steal robots and then sell them).  Kember made a long list and debated individual merits of each...deciding on a princess (again) until we got to the store, and found a cat costume and quickly changed her mind.  Not that I minded.  I thought it would be a better investment to buy a leotard and tights for a future dance class, and also use it for Halloween.  Cole would not make up his mind.  He wanted to be whatever costume we found.  Finally, two days before Halloween he decided he wanted to be a Jawa like Caden.  I ran to the store, bought the fabric and sewed his robe before he could change his mind.  Dan got in on the action and made glowing eye glasses for the boys, but they refused to wear them.  They were really cool though.  I saw Milee's costume on Pinterest, and all I had to buy was white pants.  I'm all over cheap costumes, and I thought being an Oompa Loompa was really funny.  Plus, listening to her say "Oompa Loompa" was always good for a laugh.  Caden couldn't remember it, and kept calling her an orphan.  Not sure where that came from, but there you go.
  The school Halloween parade was something of a joke.  They had these kids booking it.  They were practically running.  I barely got pictures because I almost missed them.  If they hadn't waved to me I would have missed them completely.  I told them after school that they were going so fast and that I wanted them to slow down so I could get a picture, but they said that they weren't supposed to.  That if they stopped the people behind them would run into them.   Probably true, but considering the whole thing took less them 10 minutes, I think they could have walked a little slower.

 I'm going to admit to some slight (or maybe not so slight) pride in Kember's face paint.  It was soooo fun to do.  I did it twice that day.  Once for school, without the brown, and then again that night with the brown.  Fun stuff.  Thank you again Pinterest!
 She just makes me laugh.  She had so much fun walking around the neighborhood getting candy.  She would run up to the door (a lot later than her bros and sister) and yell "TREAT!" and open her bag.  Then say "Tank you!" and run to the next yard.  She didn't want to get on the stroller...she wanted to run like the big kids.  It made my night.  Eventually she did want to sit on the stroller so she could snack on some candy, but once I took her candy away, she didn't like the idea of sitting there much.

 Very few people actually guess what these guys were.  I'll admit they look like Jedi with a Darth Maul (?) mix, but I was too lazy to make the tool belt strappy things that hang from both shoulders.

It was a fun night.  For me and the kids anyway.  Dan is sick, so he stayed home and passed out the candy...and ordered pizza.  I think the kids had just as much fun taking over the passing out candy part when we got home.  They took turns with the bowl (even though all of them were at the door) and whos ever turn it was yelled, "What's the password!" which was "Trick-or-Treat" just in case you were wondering.

So basically, a good time was had by all (minus a very sick Dan...get better soon Love!)


Andrea said...

Very nice blog post! I feel guilty for being so behind on mine!

Rorie said...

"Orphan" hahahahaha! Oh, that made me laugh. Probably more than it should have, but there you go.
Love the costumes. You are so clever. You should move back down this way so you can dress my kids up for Halloween. :)