Saturday, April 18, 2009


Our Easter was quite eventful...Dan was on some rotation and there was no way I was staying in the house by myself when the kids woke up as early as they did. So we headed over to Albion for their Easter Egg the rain. It was cold, but we had fun with Beth and Jermey and their family. The hunt lasted all of 5 minutes once it got started. Well, it was still to early to go home so we went to the Pullman egg hunt that started an hour later. It was really raining by then, but and the kids were chattering with cold, but we still had fun. I had to put Caden in with Kember because the 2 yr old field was too far away, and he knew there was candy in the eggs so he just picked one up and shook it. I had to go in and put it in his bag for him even though parents weren't suppose to go in. This year the parents were a lot nicer than last year. After the hunt a family that was standing next to us gave Caden some of their eggs because they knew he was to little to be in there. It wasn't necessary for them to share, but it was sure nice! I like nice people, they just make the world a happier place to be.

Then we dyed Easter Eggs after Dan got home. That was an experience. The kids really liked doing that and we ended up dying an extra dozen because they enjoyed it so much. Dan hates hard boiled eggs though, and the kids won't eat them either, so I gave a dozen away.

We had our own easter egg hunt outside with just our family, and then we went to the stake easter activity. I really wanted to focus on the real meaning of Easter this year on sunday and the stake provided easter eggs that instead of being filled with candy were filled with things about Easter and the Savior. Perfect! I was actually going to do that, so they saved me a step. It must have been inspired!
Sunday didn't quite go how I was planning. We never quite got to the eggs, but we did the Easter story a whole bunch and they both know it now. I made a little cut out from the Friend that tells the Easter story (if you want one for the kids to color it's in the new Nursery manual, which rocks by the way), so all during sacrament they were telling the story. According to Caden "Jesus died. 3 days he no dead anymore!" In fact, I'm a little concerned. They are now pretending to be Jesus, and that makes me really uncomfortable. Just not very reverent, but we're all learning so we'll figure something out. We had some friends over for dinner (that I was awful, and I was totally embarrased) and played games. It was a good Easter.


Rorie said...

I doubt you butchered your dinner, every time you've made something for me, it's tasted very good. In fact, the beef enchiladas is now an adult favorite around here! (Joey hates beef and Braden currently hates everything except bananas, so they don't count.)
Glad you guys had a fun Easter, even though it was rainy and cold for all your egg hunts.

Andrea said...

Your post had me laughing a few times. LOVE that egg that Dan must have made with the baby chick in it. Very creative!

Loni said...

Love that Cole grin. So glad for these blog entries. We've missed you. What a busy bunch you are. Have you done any packing???

Ma & Pa J. said...

I didn't even notice the picture on Dan's egg until Andrea mentioned it. Observant Mom that I am. Sounds like you have had some fun times. You are wise to do all you can before you have to leave, because you may never get back there again...I have so thoroughly enjoyed your blog this morning. Thanks for taking the time to enter and the pictures are priceless!

michelle said...

Very cute pictures!!! Thanks for sharing...those ones of the falls are gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Wow, there must be a trick to doing things with a ratio of 3 kids to 1 parent because I'm terrified of it and I can't believe you went out on the easter hunts without dan...I need you to counsel me when our third one comes.(no thats not any kind of announcement) Dans embryio egg rocks. I know what you mean about the whole reverence thing, but its all in innocence i guess.