Saturday, April 18, 2009

Palouse Falls

None of these pictures really do the falls credit. They are pretty amazing. There aren't many places to go if you have kids though. They have a few look-out points, but not much else unless you are a braver soul than I am.

We almost ran over a snake, which would have been a non-event, but when I took Kember to the bathroom there was a big sign that warned against rattle snakes. So when we almost ran over this snake we were a little freaked out, but no worries, it wasn't a rattler :)

We saw this...rock chuck? I thought it was a muskrat, but I will bow to Dan's superior knowledge.

Caden almost wacked everyone with his walking stick. Watch out!

And we had a great time! Another family memory made.


Anna Wilson said...

the falls are beautiful. If you ever want to see more rock chucks justy let me know, we have plenty at the farm.

Rorie said...

I'd love to go there. Nature is just so beautiful. Or most of it is, anyway.
Joey does the same thing with sticks. If there is a stick within a 1/2 mile radius, he will find it. It must be a boy thing, programmed into them from birth. Sticks and dirt.

Jennie said...

In that picture Caden looks like he's holding a lizard. It's a good thing you said it was a stick or I'd be a little concerned. ;0)

Andrea said...

So when I scrolled down and saw Cole my first though was, who is that? Still weird to think you have three kids. :)

Looks like fun.

Loni said...

Where did Caden find that lizard stick? I don't see many other sticks laying around in your pictures.
Yes, those falls are beautiful. How far are they from your place?

Kate Clayton said...

What an adventure!

Anonymous said...

That looks way fun! I'm glad you guys are finding time to do neat stuff before you leave!