Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Bubbers!

Yesterday my little Coley-Wooley turned one. Like the nickname? Kember gave it to him. She loves Teddy Ruxbin and there is a character named Wooley and she strung the two together. Around here he isn't Cole. He is Bubbers, Coley-wooley, the baby, or COLE (normally done when shouting because of some traumatic reason). Anyway, crazy eh. One year old. Wow.
Well, I'm not so into doing a lot of things for something he won't even remember, so he didn't really get a party...or presents. Well, I take that back. We had a sod laying party, and he got grass, a balloon, and a stuffed lizard from the dollar store. Crazy eh? Luckily grandparents donated to his cause :) I almost feel bad, but I felt worse seeing all these toys that were fun, but a lot of money and I knew he didn't care, we didn't need the toy, and why spend the money? That is a little scroogish I know, but I guess I have to be in the right frame of mind, and honestly, Cole's b-day wasn't at the top of my list. Getting my new lawn (see future post) and making his cake were higher priorities for me.
Here is a picture of his cake. Can you tell what it is?
I'll admit I got a little carried away with the orange 'fins'. I should have only done one layer wide instead of three, but whatever, too late now. I was pretty happy with the cake, especially since it was soo easy to do (except find those orange candies...that was a pain. Rite Aid if you are ever looking for them).
On to birthday boy pictures. Here is Cole with his one candle...and here he is burning himself on that one candle. He grabbed the flame. Not really what we all had in mind to put the candle out with, but the candle did go out.

Here is Cole screaming because he burned his finger. Ouchy.

And here he is happy as can be playing with the ice Daddy got him for his finger.

Did I also mention that he was sick for his birthday. Poor kid. All and all I think I need to do better next year. Thanks everyone who could come (and help lay sod). The kids loved playing with their cousins.
Here's my cute mom!
Here's my cute sisters!

Here's my cute husband!


Loni said...

Here's to your "cute" blog.
I never noticed how worried looking Andrea is in the last picture as she is dishing up ice cream.
Had a great time. You are a good hostess (or should that be host to be politically correct?)

michelle said...

Interesting "skunk" cake!!!:) Sorry we couldn't be there, but it sounds like he had a wonderful birthday. Who needs presents when you have ice to play with!!! Ice, Ice, Baby:)

Rorie said...

And it was so much fun. My kids had a blast, the cake was yummy and I totally missed out on laying the sod! Sorry about that part. You know how good I am about getting out of the house early...
I hope Cole's feeling better and that none of you guys get whatever it is.
See you tomorrow! :)

Andrea said...

At this very moment I'm wondering if Jonas has a fever. I'll go test his temp in a minute.

It was fun to visit, and Jonas is loving looking at your post and telling me, "That's You!"

Ma & Pa J. said...

Hope Cole is feeling better now. I was so glad to witness it all firsthand. I was absolutely no help at all...but, touched that you had sooooo much help! It looks so amazing and has changed the appearance of your home.