Thursday, October 15, 2009


Allow me to brag for a minute about my domesticity. Yes, I know it's small (in fact some of you might be thinking, what domesticity? And you would be right in thinking that), but if I don't brag about the small things I don't ever get to brag because I don't do the large things. But hey, this is what I did today!

Okay, let's be honest. Grandma & Grandpa Christensen did most of it. But, I was there, I learned and I'm going to do it again! Oh, and if you can't tell, that's applesauce. I dyed it pink (Kember's choice and Carol Lee's suggestion). It wasn't too bad to do either. Time consuming, but since there were three of us, and only two could really do something Grandpa went out and worked on the lawn (sweet). I also borrow some apple thingy from Carol Lee which made it nice.
So, there you have it. My domesticity in a nut shell (told you it was small :) -- pink applesauce.


Rorie said...

Way to go! Canning is tough, mainly because it takes so long. So woo-hoo to you! I applaud you.

* Sweet Pea * said...

Well at least you've done it once and plan on doing it again!!! You're one step ahead of me. YAY for canning!
p.s. I wouldn't mind getting with you the next time around :)


Rachael said...

Two big thumbs up :) You don't give yourself enough credit!

Loni said...

Not only is it time consuming it gives you an appreciation for that line of work in a whole different way. GO TARAH!
It tasted good, by the way.

michelle said...

My kids make applesauce at school, does that count?:)