Friday, May 28, 2010

Towel Animals

Okay, this was one of my favorite things on the cruise..coming into my room at night and getting greeted by these little guys. Some of them though...what are they supposed to be? So, we are going to play a little game. Label your answers 1-6 and tell me what you think they are. Some are obvious, some are...well...anyway. I'm going to assume they are all animals (although, if you ask me, one looks like a nun). So, let me know what they are! No prize, just the satisfaction of coming up with creative themes :)


Trista Teeter said...

lol, my parents mentioned these to me after they went on their cruise.

Okay, ignore the unfiltered-ness of my mind, but these are honestly the first things that came to mind...sigh...

1. A pillow-humping rabbit. Oh my, yes, I said it. Like I said, sigh...

2. A Buddhist warthog.

3. A hippie afghan dog.

4. A constipated elephant.

5. Either a confused frog or a lobster w/ an overbite (now that I look at it a second time, I have no idea how I got lobster out of that...)

6. A chocoholic orangutan.

Rorie said...

1. Playboy bunny

2. duckbill platypus

3. a dog or a Rastafari dude

4. elephant

5. funny looking frog

6. either a nun, or someone watching TV

Carrie said...

1. hahaha playboy bunny...that's good
2. bull with a nose ring
3. a lady...not an animal
4. Dumbo the elephant
5. frog OR a walrus if you squint
6. a baby...not an animal

What about pics of your cruise???

Rachael said...

The only one that looks slightly abnormal to me is the last one, it looks like a ghost. Awesome about the cruise! Where did you go??

Jessica said...

Is that last one a monkey! We also really liked the animals that were on our beds with our cruise too. We even bought a book and learned how to make some of them. But some of those are really hard to figure out. What places did you visit?

Loni said...

1. Seductive bunny - you are on a cruise.
2. confused hippo.
3. Floppy eared dog.
4. Obviously an elephant.
5. Of course that is a frog, but he looks like a karate master.
6. All wrapped up in robe and towel after a plunge in the deep.

Andrea said...

1. Rabbit
2. bull
3. um, goat?
4. elephant
5. frog?
6. hm, little person

Hali said...

Hey. Just checking out random blogs and I stumbled upon yours. So I guess I am saying "hello" from one blogger to another.

Oh and the pictures remind me of the wonderful time I had on my first cruise. Sigh.. I want to go back. Looks like a lot of fun.