Saturday, January 29, 2011

Caden's birthday round two

Well, the day of Caden's friend birthday party arrived last Saturday, and can you believe I didn't take any pictures? Ya, I can't believe it either. Caden wanted to have a dinosaur party, which was all fine and dandy except he doesn't really have any friends. He plays with his sisters friends, and most of them are girls, so...what to do...what to do? So, we invited all the sunbeams. I hadn't met most of them, but looking back, when we first moved here we didn't know anyone for Kember's party either, and that is what we did for her party. So, eleven little kids running around my house later, we dug for dinosaurs bones, had relay races, sat on balloons to make them pop (this was Caden's favorite game because he raced against his cousin Joey and he beat him. Beating people is really important to Caden for some reason that I haven't figured out yet. And Rorie, just in case you read this, Joey wasn't trying, but don't tell Caden. We hatched dinosaurs out of their eggs. This was my favorite activity. I cooked up some playdough, but toy dinosaurs in the middle and shaped them into an egg and cooked them in the oven. Dan made tiny wooden hammers for the kids to break open the eggs with. It was fun. Crazy, hectic, but fun. I made the mistake of asking, "Who wants to go open presents!" when it was time to open gifts. It was a mistake because saying it that way because all the kids thought they all got to open gifts. Oops. Well, lesson learned there. I was so nervous for his party, which was funny because I had actually prepared ahead of time. I know, amazing right? But I think the kids had fun. Caden is already talking about his party next year. So, bring on the birthday fun.


Loni said...

All I can say is "YOu are amazing!" Sounds as if Caden thinks so also.

Andrea said...

Sounds wonderful. I'm sorry that we didn't make it down!