Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Family Home Evening

Dan had the greatest idea for FHE today. It was so fun I'd thought I'd share it with you. It was kind of spur of the moment so the spiritual side could use some tweaking. We played church battleship! Dan hastily made a board for our two teams (girls against boys). We have the church pictures and Dan would let the kids pick one, and then we'd tell the story of the picture and ask the kids questions. After they answered right or we were satisfied they were learning something, we let them pick where they thought the other teams ships were. Caden and Kember really got into this. I think it was the most fun we've had for FHE in a long long time. I'm going to try to make and laminate some game boards and use dry erase markers so we can reuse everything. Caden is actually making his own game board right now. He just informed me that the boys have to win.

After our game I made everyone go to the store with me. It was a definite success. I got two bottles of Soft Scrub Total for .19 cents. Awesome huh? I was pretty excited. Dan just laughed at me, but he thinks it's pretty cool too.


Andrea said...

That sounds like so much fun.

How did you get the Soft Scrub for so cheap (and where)? ;)

Rorie said...

That game sounds awesome. When you make the game boards, post pictures of it so I can copy. :)

Loni said...

Clever! Inspirational, well sort of! Awesome.
Way to go all of you.

michelle said...

Nice to get some games that will be tradition for years to come