Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Big day in the Johnson household tonight. No, not really, but I feel like I should document this. Seriously, this doesn't need to be read, it's only for documentation sake.
So, it had been a long day. I had taken all four kids to the store (2 of them...and the library) and it took a long time, but they were really really helpful. They helped put the groceries away and everything (this has nothing to do with the story, but aren't they cute kids?). Anyway, I promised them that they could watch a movie after dinner for being so helpful, and during all the chaos of putting the groceries away Cole said he needed to poop. Huh. Weird comment, but going with the flow I asked him if he wanted to poop on the potty. I take him in the bathroom and sit him on the toilet and he freaks out (doesn't want to fall in, you know). So I get out the little potty and he tries that....but that doesn't last long at all. Probably because I just told him to sit there until he finished his sucker (don't judge me, I know its gross). After dinner the kids were getting pj's on and Cole told me that he needed to poop again. I asked if he wanted to sit on the potty again, and he said yes and off he went. I went to go start the movie, but Cole stopped me because he couldn't get his diaper off. I helped with that and started the movie. Cole gets really excited and tells me he pooped. Honestly, I didn't believe him. I thought he pooped in his diaper, but nope...he really pooped in the toilet all by himself, and I do mean all by himself. So we get excited, show him the rest of everything, and he is sooooo proud of himself. Dan asked me after when I started potty training. I laughed and said I hadn't. I'm not expecting this to last, and I'm not potty training, but I just thought I'd document this and say...not bad for a two and a half year old. Not bad at all.


Andrea said...

Way to go Cole! He must be tired of being called stinky. ;)

Rorie said...

Just let it be noted that I am so very jealous of you right now. Extremely jealous. Sigh.

But way to go, Cole!

(Maybe he can come and teach Braden a thing or two??)

Loni said...

No concern until they reach age three and then the big push is on. How can you go to Sunbeams in diapers???
Way to go Cole!!!