Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cole Funnies

Occasionally it occurs to me that Cole doesn't know the basics. Don't get me wrong, he's one smart cookie (sometimes too smart for his own good...well, my own sanity anyway), but I sometimes assume that because his older brother and sister know something, he does to. Today I thought we should make sure that he did have the basics down. So we pointed to different body parts and asked "What's this?" You know, things like chin, neck, ears, etc. I finally got to elbows and said, "What are these?" Very promptly he replied, "Bumps!" Well, yes...they are that. I laughed a bit and we moved on. We got to fingers and asked the same question. "What are these?" "NUMBERS!" He was very sure, and very excited about that one. As near as I can figure out, he said numbers because he watches the older kids all the time, and that is how Kember does he math homework, and Caden counts different things. Or even if I ask Cole, "How many are there?" He uses his fingers to point and count. So, sure.... they can be numbers.

These are just random, but they made me smile.Unfortunately, he looks like this a lot. Not the smile, that's isn't unfortunate at all...I love it, but the messy face. It's a near constant thing. Even right after I wipe his face off it somehow gets dirty again five minutes later. I'm not sure if he found something else to munch on or what, but it's dirty again.

Did I mention that when he is happy he does a skippy/hoppy thing when he walks? He also sings the cutest version of Jingle Bells I've ever heard. I was trying to figure out how to transcribe it, but couldn't. You'll just have to trust me...or ask him to sing it for you. However, "Bob the Builder" is probably his favorite song of all time (I have no idea what Kember's is, but Caden's is I Am A Child of God). I think it's funny that this is his favorite song since we've only ever watched good ol' Bob maybe three times from movies we've check out from the library. But multiple times during the day you can hear Cole loudly singing, "Bob the builder...Can we fix it? Yes we can! I think so!" and yes, the "I think so" is the cutest part of the song. Today he and Caden got out their tools and went around the house "fixing" everything. Cole came up to me and told me that I was broken so he had to fix me. He got out his ratchet and went to work. Then he went to fix the baby. Somewhere along the way his tools got transformed into his guns so he can "shoot the monsters". Really not sure where that comes from. I'm assuming it's just a boy thing?

This has nothing to do with Cole, but thought I'd bring it up anyway. Kember has taught herself how to ride a two wheel bike. I helped her one afternoon for maybe twenty minutes and today she's riding around the neighborhood. I think it's really funny that one-she taught herself, and two- the bike she can do it on is way to small for her. I had Dan take the training wheels off her bike that fits her, but she can't/won't do it on that one. Ah well.. Maybe she just likes her knees up to her ears. But really, don't you think it would be easier with a bigger bike? Whatever. Did I also mention that she basically taught herself to tie her shoes too? I showed her how to do it once (yep, that's all...once) and ever since then she loves to tie the bows on dresses, her brothers shoes, etc. She is just a little sponge, and super quick if she wants to learn something. If she doesn't...boy is she like her will not happen. :)I have another post in mind for Caden, but I want pictures to go with it, so it will have to wait. Don't worry though, he isn't forgotten. He's my sweetheart.


Andrea said...

Such a cute post. Zoie thought Cole had chocolate on his face, but I was thinking BBQ sauce. Please enlighten us. :)

Also, Zoie was the same way with her bike. She learned on a tiny bike. Maybe they feel safer being closer to the ground.

Loni said...

It is totally different riding a little bike than a big bike. I learned on a little one and when I transferred to the big one I had to learn again.

Love the photos and the smiles and Kember is like a little mommy.

When you write about Caden don't forget to write about Milee. Surely she is doing things you've forgotten to tell us.

Rorie said...

Yay for Kember for learning how to ride a bike and tie shoes. It's such a relief when they learn those things!

Cole is such a cutie. We're excited to have them over next week. :)

michelle said...

I am loving all these posts!!! Keep them coming. Hope all goes well this weekend. Sorry we couldn't be there.

Loni said...

I just noticed that even though Cole's face and hands are extremely messy there is only a tiny spot on his coat. Pretty clever I must say.