Monday, February 7, 2011

Remember when? Good times...good times.

So the other day I was listening to the RS Broadcast from back in September (It was really good by the way). I loved Sis. Thompson talk on Visiting Teaching...because, let's face it...I'm not a great Visiting Teacher, but I yearn to be. I think if it is done right it is a powerful program. I just have yet to do it right. Case in point: I called one of my girls to see if we could visit her. She paused for just a second and said, "Um, I live in Vernal now." OK...sure didn't see that one coming. Ya, completely missed it. She went on to say that she didn't want to bother me with helping with the move because I had just had a baby (which I had had a month not recently). I found it extremely ironic that she was trying to make me feel better for being such a bad VTer. But that wasn't the point of this blog. I also really liked Pres. Monson's talk about not judging people. But again, not the point of this blog (although you should really listen/read the talks if you haven't yet, or can't remember them...they are good). My favorite part about listening to these again (and yes, it is the point of this blog) is that I remembered I was there. We had a girls weekend with my mom and sisters/in law. It was awesome! It was so good that even though it was months and months and months ago....I'm going to post pictures because they make me happy. I don't know why I didn't blog about this sooner. Oh, wait yes I do, but we won't go into that because that isn't the point of this post. So...onward and upward.

The weekend started out at Andrea's house. There we all made friends with Mr. Mantis. He was especially friendly to mom, as he climbed up her leg. He wasn't very friendly with Andrea, but seeing as how she stepped on him (on accident) you really can't blame him. He posed very nicely for Rorie to get some random shots of him, and well, I stayed away because he's a bug, and well...that says it all.

We drove to Salt Lake and went to the movie Sorcerer's Apprentice. I seriously love this movie, and it was fun to watch it with my mom. She has ways of showing her true enjoyment of movies. Then we went to The Training Table to eat.

I was less than impressed, but again, with good company who really cares, right? Food is food and that's about all that can be said of ours.
Then the real fun began. I convinced everyone that we needed to stop at Shopko and buy fake eyelashes because we were going to practice putting on "Bedroom eyes". probably wouldn't have been so fun/funny, but let's look at who is trying to do makeup...oh, that's right the Linford girls. So it was pretty funny.

Here is Andrea giving a sultry look in her PJ's. She looks great right? Look close at her eyelashes.
Here's Rorie modeling it up. Seriously, she has the look.Me, not so much....but I'm happy about it :)

Fake eyelashes are not for the faint of heart. However, they are really fun to do, and if done correctly they do look really good to. We also tried to do smokey eyes with eyeshadow, but...that didn't work. It just looked like eye shadow. But hot sexy eyeshadow because of super long eyelashes.
Well, as sexy as you can get being as pregnant as I was and in awesome is that, and I doubt we put them on right. My mom looks good, eh?Then, since it was so late we decided to practice hair flipping. It's a good skill to learn. Mom has it down. I didn't post pictures of me doing it because I do not have it down.

The next day was more serious, but fun as well. We walked around downtown Salt Lake (well, I waddled and everyone waited for me) and took in some sites.

The Church History Museum is always great to visit.I'm trying to lift the golden plates...they are heavy. I'm not strong. Laughter ensued.My mom is awesome. What 57 year old do you know that does tricks down the escalator? See, awesome.
We met up with Michelle after the museum and went to lunch at Olive Garden. Much much better than The Training Table (however over priced it may be).
We had some free museum passes and we chose to go to this one. I can't remember what it was called, but it was up by the U of U and was a war museum.
Then we went back to the hotel and got ready for conference. We were going to walk to the Conference Center, but we'd never make it on time with me waddling. So, half of us got dropped off, and the other (faster cause I wasn't with them) half parked and walked back.
It was a great session.
More night time silliness. Really, my mom's the best.This is the next morning. Rorie had to make it back to church (pressures of being Primary President you know) so the two of us left and my mom and Andrea went to Music and the Spoken Word.

It was a lot of fun. I truly love hanging out with these wonderful girls. I can't wait to do it again.

Oh, and just in case you are wondering, Dan liked the eyelashes.


Andrea said...

You looked really good, you totally should have posted more pictures of you from the eye lash night.

Loni said...

It was good times and your happy picture made me smile. Thanks for making me one of the girls. I love it.

Rorie said...

So glad you posted about this, it was nice to relive it again. :) We should make this an annual tradition. :)

Chelle said...

This is a cute post! And your hair looks adorable straight!

Chelle said...

(Okay, okay... I know that I've seen your hair straight before- but specifically the picture of you and Rorie. You look way cute.) :)