Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

Today in Relief Society we had a lesson on the signs of the times...or the second coming. I will admit to not really enjoying this topic, or lesson (the teacher did a great job...I just don't like the topic). I've decided I don't like it because whenever people talk about it, it all becomes speculation. Whole bunches of it. Don't get me wrong...I normally like speculation, except in a church setting. Church lessons should be doctrine...lessons should be prepared with church approved material...not speculations. It makes me uncomfortable. But there you have it. What I did get out of this lesson was interesting for me though. One girl made a comment (it really did fit to what we were talking about, it just doesn't seem like it on my blog) about how people don't really let their kids play outside anymore with the neighbors...and it's true...I don't. I need to get to know my neighbors. This has been something I've been thinking about since we moved in. So hopefully sometime this week I will make cookies and take them to the neighbors. Also, I was thinking a lot about since we don't know when the second coming will be we need to use our time wisely, right? Well, last night I got to thinking about putting first things first. I tend to do the not important things first, and then run out of time for the important need to re prioritize things (and I'll deny I ever wrote this, but I should probably get up earlier in the morning too...which means going to bed earlier....sigh/groan). So those were the things I got out of church today, and just my own musings about my life. Isn't that the great thing about the gospel? Personal to love to follow through with it.


Andrea said...

At least you learned something today.

Jonas gave himself a bloody nose during sacrament meeting (I think he was drilling-but I missed the actual cause). Matt took him out, but then my focus was on what was taking them so long (and the blood on my hand). So, I didn't get much of of testimony meeting.

Then I substituted in nursery. I'm not sure why, but there was no lesson in there today, so I really just learned that the kids really like play dough. ;)

* Nancy * said...

Thanks for an insightful post! I too need to re prioritize and go to bed/ wake up early! We can do this Tarah! Hope you make good friends with your neighbors.

Loni said...

When I was a kid we were outside for hours, playing ball, riding bikes, climbing trees, digging in the dirt, pulling people around in wagons, exploring in nearby fields and ditches, watching my brothers build go-carts or play houses/tree houses, picking apples off our trees, digging dandelions (useless by the way). Where can you do any of that now?

michelle said...

I love listening to other people's comments! It takes the lesson to a whole different level.