Friday, March 6, 2015

Dance Performance

Our girls are taking dance from a family friend (actually, I think that technically they are cousins). The girls really like it, and Ginger (the teacher) is great. Ginger found out last week that they were invited to perform at the cheerleaders and drill teams showstopper thingy :) And even though she doesn't read this blog, I have to give a shout out to Ginger for choosing age appropriate costumes, music, and moves. I was proud to watch my girls out there...I wasn't cringing to see them do sexy moves that really, no one should be doing.

I don't think the girls really understood much about the performance, other than mom was stressed and cranky trying to get everyone ready (they had practice right before and everyone had to be ready because we weren't coming home again....). Just as a note, Milee doesn't like mom doing her make-up. There was weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Which I totally understand. That's how I feel every time I put make-up on :) Kember didn't like it either, but stood up to it a lot better than my 4yr old.  It always amazes me what make-up does to them though. Maybe I should start wearing it more.

When we got to the high school and connected with Dan I think the first question he had was, "How long is this going to take?" I just looked at him.  Really? "Haven't you ever been to one of these before?" I said. It was his turn to just look at me.  "Why would I have been to one of these before?" Well, his eyes were opened and he is just going to have to get used to things like this :) Although, I'm crossing my fingers my girls don't want to be cheerleaders or drill-teamers. Don't get me wrong, the girls were extremely talented, and if that's what my girls want to do, I will totally support them, but really I don't think I'd be sad at all if they wanted to do something else instead :)

So, here are my little cuties.

Milee's dance was super cute. She danced to Splish Splash, and let's face it, watching 4 yr olds. is just funny. One of the girls fell over in her tub, and sometimes they just stood there, and another girl wouldn't get out of her tub :) Milee was always a couple counts off with her moves, but she did them and was super cute!

I was so proud of Kember. She hates getting in front of people, and I've never seen her dance better. She is really improving. I'd love to post the videos of their dances on here, but it won't let me :(

Okay, so here is my question for dancers out there (which, the only people who read this are family and we aren't dancers, so it's a moot question, but I gotta ask it anyway). What is with the faces the cheerleaders and drill team members make while dancing? It looks like your face is twitching when you are winking mid-dance. Why is the fish face apart of the dance? It doesn't make you look cute. It looks like a fish. You are not a fish, nor are you emulating one in your dance. And shaking your head while winking or making the fish face just makes me dizzy. Actually, all the faces that were made not only made the girls look ridiculous, but it was super distracting. Dan couldn't stop laughing, and I was so focused on the faces I wasn't watching the dances. That can't be the point of it. What's wrong with just smiling while you dance? I'd really like to know why they do that. I'm not trying to make fun or be disrespectful.  The girls are all very very talented, so my question is "Why?".


Rorie Linford said...

Never having danced at all, I can't answer your last question. Maybe they think it makes them look better? Who knows why teenagers do what they do.
Anyway, I love your girls' costumes! And I totally feel the same as Milee with makeup. Which is why I never wear it. ;)

Loni said...

Yeah on the makeup. I haven't been applying it everyday now that we are home and getting ready is so much quicker. Gotta admit I have no eyes without though.
Cute photos.
Maybe leave the makeup off Milee for now.

Andrea said...

Hahaha. I know some dancers, but I'm not sure how to ask without offending. Maybe Ginger could tell you?

michelle said...

Thanks for updating again! It is so nice to hear more detail of what your family is doing.