Monday, March 2, 2015

Green Dot Club

 So, to my understanding the Green Dot club is showing proficiency in each section in Language Arts and Math. If you get a red dot it means you don't understand the concept at all, yellow means you are okay, and green means you get it. So for the Green Dot Club you have to get a a whole bunch of green every subject/ yellows, or reds.  So my little Caden man did this, and it's really awesome. I'm super proud of him. He was in this last year, and he did it again this year! Apparently not a lot of kids do this, and I am hoping that he will continue to be a part of this "club".

And his little sister wanted her picture taken too, and who can resist this face?


Andrea said...

Way to go Caden!

Loni said...

Sounds like Dr. Suess for sure. Great things happen in SuessLand.
You are right about that face.

Rorie Linford said...

Awesome! Way to go Caden, keep up the good work!