Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This is how we roll....a March recap

So I realize that it's the end of April, but March needs to be documented, so...here goes nothing.

What did you do on Pi day? This year was special, you know. 3.14.15 9:26.  Not going to be that way for a long long time. Well, we celebrated with pizza pie from Pizza Hut, and pie from McDonalds. What more can you ask for?

 And this picture pretty much sums up Pi Day. Yea!!!!
We celebrated St. Patrick's Day by making magic hats that the Leprechauns shrunk and filled with candy, and took some lucky charms around to some friends.

I got out of my comfort zone and attended the Utah Farm Bureau's Women's Conference. I drove Dan's truck and took Ginger, Nanci, and Hollie (on the way back) with me. It was a great conference and gave me more ideas of what I am supposed to do as the women's chair.
Milee had a field trip for Preschool at the High School Cafeteria. I will admit I originally thought that this trip was weird, but it was actually really cool. The showed them the behind the scenes stuff, and fed them samples of things they cook. Plus they gave them really cool hats (hair nets) :)

Caden did awesome at his first ever Pinewood Derby. He took first in his group (the wolves, or bears, or whatever animal the first time scouters are). He had a lot of fun building his car with Dan and was really proud of himself, as he should be.
The girlies did my hair and had waaaay too much fun squirting me with the squirt bottle.

The women in the family all got together and watched the General Relief Society Mtg that they have right before conference. I loved that the focus was on the family and how to strengthen it!
March was a really good month for our family and it flew by like crazy! Just like April did, but that's another post for another day.


Rorie Linford said...

Wow, farmer's something or other chair. Way to go farmer-lady! :)

Color me jealous that your high school actually cooks food, instead of nuking plastic wrapped sludge that was trucked in from Vegas like our elementary school does. (I'm not sure what it's like at our high school.)

michelle said...

I liked your comment about the Pinewood Derby! Way to go Caden!

Andrea Frisby said...

Love the fancy hats (both the leprechaun hats and the hair nets). :)

Loni said...

Way to cover multiple activities. Our documentation is a tiny notation on the calendar.
Where was your hat(s)?