Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall Photos

“It’s autumn time, it’s autumn time, the leaves are falling down. It’s autumn time, it’s autumn time, it’s all around the town” (sing with me now!).

Dan had to go build fence or something random yesterday (Nov. 1st) so I thought I would take the kids out and take some pictures. This turned out to not be such a great idea, but it gave us something to do. After getting everyone ready, which like I said in a previous post, takes a whole heap of time, it was about nap time (oops, good planning on my part). I loaded all the kidos up and we drove to the Pullman church where there are really pretty leaves everywhere. Well, it was raining, I didn’t want the kids in coats, and neither one wanted to “play in the leaves” like I wanted them too. Caden ran away from me, and I couldn’t catch him. Not to worry though, Kember chased him and caught him and then proceeded to push him over, tried to help him up, and then tried to drag him back to me. Isn’t she just so helpful? Then Kember decided she “has to go potty!” oh, and it’s an emergency (she’s doing the crossed legs clutching dance). No, the church isn’t open, so we run the kids back to the car and race home, where she decides she doesn’t want to go potty. Grrrrr! Well, I’d had enough so they went down for naps. And slept for quite awhile too. Well, I got a few pictures anyway.


Becky said...

Your family is so stinkin' cute! Thanks for posting and blogging and stuff.

On a side note, as I recall, you and I used to do different things with fall leaves... Like dumping 17bags of them them in other peoples' stair wells. Good times, eh?

You make me smile!

Loni said...

I was trying to get Chelsea to look at the difference with the leaves on our road. Not interested.

Most of our leaves are covered with snow, but it is melting so we might have to break out the rake soon.

Thanks for the pictures. They are great.

Rorie said...

Ah, the joys of life with young-uns. Isn't it just grand how they have their own ideas of how things are supposed to work? :P
Good job on trying though. Joey's at the stage where he makes the cheesiest faces every time I get the camera out. And if he's anything like Nate, that will last for the rest of his life...

michelle said...

Sounds like a typical day with little ones.:) They definitely are born with a mind of their own!!!

Andrea said...

Those are great pictures! I love reading about the kids and their reactions to things. :)