Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Adventures

Faster than a speeding bullet (okay, maybe just for me, but he ran away from me, and I couldn’t catch him)
More powerful than a locomotive (Just look at him push that thing!)
Can leap buildings in a single bound (Well, sort of..we are still working on the jumping bit, but he likes to pretend he can) Caden Johnson is….Superman! Or in his words “I Man”

Kember wanted to be a mermaid this year…and a princess...and Super-girl (after she saw Caden's costume)…So, we told her she was all three. In her words, “I’m super-princess-mermaid for Halloween!” Aren’t we creative? I didn"t get a good picture of just Kember. I think it really bothered me that her costume was pink and her hair was clashed horribly.Cole didn’t get a choice as to what he was going to be. Melanie got him this little skeleton costume, and I just love it. I’m a little biased, but I think he’s a cutie.

Thanks Carol Lee for fixing Kember's costume and putting Caden's together. The kids loved them, and I think they turned out pretty great!

We had a very long day on Halloween. We started with getting up really early (for me) and making cookies for our play-group Halloween party. I thought I would have plenty of time, but making cookies, gathering supplies, getting three kids ready, plus me turned out to take longer than I thought…they all needed baths, and costume assembly took awhile (It’s hard to spray Kembers hair red)…not to mention that I like long showers (I refrained from the long portion though). Then we loaded everyone up and went to set up for the party! It was pretty fun. I felt bad it wasn’t better organized, but can’t do anything about that now. People were really good to remember if they signed up for something though, and I don’t think the kids minded that all there really was to do was run around in the gym. Anyway, a special thanks to everyone who brought really yummy food (you are all so creative) and thank you to Melanie for providing an activity for the kids. I know that was my kids’ favorite part. Oh, and again, a special thanks to everyone who cleaned up. I had to leave early for a Policy Meeting, and so I bombed out on the clean up.
I ran to Kember’s school for a meeting where they feed us lunch, had people watch my kids (I kept the baby), and we talked about things that went way over my head, but there you go. We came home and the kids napped for a long time (thank you…it was needed). Dan came home and we got ready for party number 2 at the Vet School. After that we went to party number 3 at our church. They did trunk-or-treating, but indoors and they combined it with two other wards. I was really tired and hurting, but the kids had loads of fun and who ever organized it did a very nice job. All in all it was a great Halloween!


Christie said...

So fun! The kids look great, sounds like they had a great halloween! How are you doing?

Loni said...

The cowboy boots with the Superman costume is a great touch. I love the Caden picture of him scowling up at the camera. Baby bones looks great and so do you.

Did you say you didn't get a good shot of Kember?

How did the pumpkin carving go?

michelle said...

You all look wonderful. How long did it take to get the red out of Kember's hair?

Andrea said...

Very cute pictures. Sounds like lots of craziness, but lots of fun.

SarahBrummett said...

The kids a look so cute! You look great too! It sounds like you guys had a busy day too! I am glad it all went well!

Gayle said...

I can't believe you even had the energy to smile!

Rorie said...

I just realized I never commented on this post! Shame on me.
And yay you for being out and about just a few short weeks from giving birth. I was still barely moving at that point. Such cute costumes too!

The Bott Family said...

I am still amazed you were willing and up putting the party together. I thought you did a really good job and it went really well. We had fun. Thanks!

The kids and their costumes were adorable. Loved the boots on Caden.