Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Starting Over

This has nothing to do with anything (especially this post) but here it goes. So I realize that the picture I have on my blog is a wee bit missing one of my children out-dated and that child is almost a year old. Hmmm. I suppose that most mothers would fix that picture quickly after the arrival of a new one. I wonder what this says about me (other than I'm lazy, because we all already knew that). Well, maybe I don't want to know. So much for deep introspection. Okay, on to the post.

Starting Over Again
Well, it’s official. We moved into (well closed) our house on the 20th of May. Which would mean that we have been here for three and a half months (When I originally typed this it was closer to three and a half, not four, I can do the math). We’ve been in our callings for about two months (give-or-take). It’s apparently time to start over. Fun stuff. The stake switched the boundaries last night. Before the meeting all the talk and gossip about this I figured it didn’t really matter much to me…I mean, look at the length of time we’ve been here…not long. Well after they showed the boundary changes I decided I must have settled in here a little better than I originally thought. I’m thankful that I know at least one of my friends is in my new ward with me. Our old ward is no longer. They got rid of two wards, and ours was one of them. Well, hopefully there will be loads of people around my age with families in this new ward and Dan and I will make tons of friends. It will definitely be interesting to see what happens and what new callings we get. I’ve decided that I’m hoping if my calling can’t be in Relief Society than I would love a calling in Young Women’s. I know, I don’t get to choose, but there you have it. Knock on wood and all that sort of stuff. Let’s start over!
Speaking of starting over, I decided that the disaster that was my hair from the girls weekend (see older post) when I had it dyed, needed to change (boy that was a long run-on sentence). So, my visiting teacher, who I guess isn't my visiting teacher any more because of the changes mentioned above, used to be a hair dresser (is that what they are called? I go frequently you can tell). Her daughter is thinking about someday going to hair school and they volunteered to do my hair. Rock on. So, since we are starting over in a new ward I'm starting over with my hair. I like it. I'd post a picture, but I haven't taken one. It's brown. Picture my old not really blonde hair. Pick the darkest shade and then go one or two shades darker than that and there you have it. See, who needs a picture? Seriously, we're thinking of getting the internet and then I'll maybe post one, but no promises. So, here's to starting over with things. Rock on.


Rorie said...

Well, I like your hair, it turned out great. :)
I was planning on calling you guys last night to make sure you got home OK. Guess who forgot? So I'm really glad you made it home OK!

Andrea said...

I need to see a picture!!!!

Glad you might be the internet. :)

michelle said...

I'd like a picture too!!! Go internet soon:)

Loni said...

I love that you can sit on your driveway to post now. rock on! New hair, new ward, what else can one ask for, but I do need a picture. My imagination really isn't that good.