Monday, September 28, 2009

Tolerance part II

Okay, so apparently I am not as tolerant as I thought. Over the course of two or three days Dan has found and killed 5 or 6 black widows. Now, I realize that mostly these spiders get a bad rap. Yes, they are poisonous but they will retreat normally instead of bite, and even if you do get bit you are probably not going to die. They normally only bite if they are if you stick your hand in a hole or something where they reside. I'm not going to be sticking my hand in any holes any time soon, but my kids, especially the baby, have no problems doing this. In fact, Dan found 3-4 black widows where Cole regularly plays. Oh joyful. That makes me soooo comfortable. Oh ya, he found two egg sacks as well...and they were empty. Ya, that really makes my day. Anyway, we only come outside now when the baby is napping, and I won't come out at night anymore where I can't see things. This is severely going to cut into my Internet time, but's probably for the best. So much for tolerance.


Rorie said...

There is no reason to be tolerant of black widows. And they don't only live in holes. They also live in places like my flower beds. Evil, evil creatures. We continually find them here too. I am very worried about my kids finding one, so I'm doing my best to teach Joey what they look like and what to do if he sees one. Ick, ick, ick!
BTW, is that a stock picture from the internet, or did you take it?

Kirsten said...

That is disgusting! I usually kill any spiders that are in our home, that just doesn't go so well with me. I'm sorry you've got them everywhere!

Krystal said...

Oh my goodness! When I was in California I saw 2 black widows (one inside and one in the shed) and called for someone to spray! I freaked out. I can't believe you've had that many. Scary!

Let me know if you want to bring the kids over to play and for lunch or something this week. Or maybe we should get out and go to the park. Anyway, let me know. We should do something!

Loni said...

Yeah, I was wondering about the picture. Is that real one at your house? They are creepy in a queenly sort of way. My motto is to leave spiders alone, unless they are in my house. They definitely don't belong in the house.

Matt said...

I think you should get an exterminator to come over. It would be money well spent!

Anonymous said...

I loved the documentation of the fish post. That is so great that the kids got to pick and choose so much of it all. That is definitely the way to do it and for that I will give you a high five. It gives me something to think about for us getting a future pet. . . way in the future. The black widow thing. . . . so much for us moving to St. George. Now I can say, "Its hot AND way too many black widows, ask Tarah."

michelle said...

It was hard coming back to Utah to Hobo spiders and black widows!! One good thing about those bitter winters in Minnesota....they all died and didn't have a problem with them!!!

Katy said...

Ok thats quite the compromise. you are braver than me. The dumptruck(or wheelbarrow) cake is soo easy. It was fun too. so here you go! I cant believe Cole will be 1! Time flies!k-you'll need:
1 chocolate cake mix
1 oreo cookie pie shell
2 disposable round cake pans (comes in a set)
1 lg pkg vanilla pudding
1 lg pkg Chocolate pudding
gummy worms if desired
1-2 plastic shovels or spades

Then you bake the cake according to directions, and cool. Then slice into long pieces. Mix pudding seperately. crumble up oreo shell with cleans hands. Then, when you are ready to almost eat it, mix it together. I would put in 1 cake all cut up, then add puddings and cookies and then the other and the rest on top. so you layer it. i only wish i could find digger spade forks or something to eat it with. It actually came from a family fun magazine years ago. Good luck, let me know if you decide to do it and how it turns out.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm pretty sure you should never do a post on black widows ever again, especially posting a picture. Oh my goodness!!!

Rachael said...

All I can say it "ACK!" -- and get a bug bomber