Thursday, January 28, 2010


"If you want to go to North Dakota you have to stay in the car for a really long time."
"What? Hey, Kember, where did you learn about North Dakota?"
"I don't's on my map." (Where did she learn about maps?)
"Oh, okay, have fun in North Dakota."
"You can come if you want. I'm a princess."

Okay then. North Dakota anyone?


Anonymous said...

Is North Dakota warmer than Logan? Maybe I should just "chill" in St. George. Really, winter has got to stop. You went to a Ball game?! That's my girl. You didn't mention who won the game? Did you watch it Tarah? We are going to hit up some USU games with the kids, that are all also after bed time. Thanks for the encouragement on that issue. And no I didn't update my blog, so don't even check.

Rorie said...

She must have gotten the North Dakota info from the same place Joey got the Georgia info. At least she hasn't told everyone that you're moving there and packed her bags already.

Andrea said...


Hannalee said...

Of course North's a pretty great place even if it is far away. Okay I guess we don't live there anymore but we know some great people Kember can visit. :)

Loni said...

Hard to follow kids thinking patterns. So glad you can figure it out.
When are you getting your hair cut?

michelle said...

Go to South Dakota...then you can go to Mount Rushmore:)