Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And off we go

Monday night Dan and I sat down together after we put the kids to bed to set some goals for our family (well, since the kids weren't involved I'm not sure I can say family, but for the two of us anyway) I won't bore you with the details, or tell you our goals since they are personal, but I will say some (a good majority) were financial. We worked really hard to change our budget to make it work for us and our situation and spent quite a bit of time on it, only to realize that setting the goal on the 4th of January, we were already over budget for the month. Crazy eh? Now, before you get too judgmental here's the situation. We are trying to pay extra on our student loans to pay them off faster (cause really, let's get rid of those things as quickly as possible). The amount due every month is just taken from our account, but if you pay extra you have to do it manually. Dan accidentally paid it three kind of kills the budget, unless he does really well at work this month. But hey, that's why we have savings eh? And I'm sure the three payments will be beneficial in the long run.
It was really neat to sit down together and talk about where we saw things going, and how we wanted to get there. It's neat because we don't agree on everything. Our priorities are vastly different on a multitude of topics, but because we talked about it we understand each other and can make compromises to make it all work out.
I've been thinking about my personal goals ever since I wrote that goal post back in December. I know how beneficial it will be for me, but I just can't make myself sit down and write my goals down. I don't know why. Something needs to act as a catalyst to get me moving on it though. Stagnation in any area of life is just not good. Dan's at a YM's meeting and the kids are in bed. Now would be the perfect time to do it....and here I sit. Is it sad that that's how I function? I think about doing something for a long time (I'm talking months here sometimes) and I give myself guilt trips every time I think about it. I'm good at giving myself the "Why aren't you doing this? It would be beneficial" talks (Okay, I'm really just good at talking to myself). I'm just not good at starting things. Once I start I'm set, but boy...that first step is a doozy. Oh, and just so I can be accountable for the goals I did set in December, I'm not doing so hot on the "going to bed early" bit. But I'm aware of it at least. Does that count for anything?


Andrea said...

Good for you to sit down and figure out your finances. I was considering attempting this eat from your pantry month to cut (WAY) back on groceries, but then we were running out of most of our pantry stuff. Then chicken came on a great sale, so I stocked up. Now the caselot sale is going. Wow-it's amazing how plans get thrown out of the water.

I think part of my reason for not wanting to write down my goals is that then there's hard proof when I don't succeed.

PS-some new living room pictures are posted if you'd care to comment on what you think of the arrangement. Thanks!

Rorie said...

You guys should read Dave Ramsey's book if you haven't yet. Very good financial advice. :)

michelle said...

I like how our bank has a budget plan available on their website. I can categorize everything that we have spent and really see where we are spending our money. Very easy. Good luck:)

Jessica said...

Chad and I have been really into this lately too. My brother gave me the name of this free online budgeting tool. I LOVE IT!! It's called .
It basically call pull information from about anywhere and so you can get an overall look at your financial health. I don't know if you interested. But it has been helpful for me. It's been better than using the budgeting tool with wells Fargo.

As far as your goals are concerned. I know you'll get the gumption to get things moving. And Hooray for you if once you get going you're golden!!
I wish I was the same!! Miss you guys!

Ma & Pa J. said...

What a coincidence.I am currently reading a book by David Bach that Jed got me hooked on this weekend. It is all about investing and finances so Scott and I have been planning as well. Sounds like you are on the right track!

Loni said...

Of course being aware counts. How else would you be able to do anything.
Goals are good, just don't let them get out of hand.