Monday, January 25, 2010

A storm is coming!

"Guys, a big storm is coming, we should go home!" "Mom, I think a storm is coming." "A red storm is coming!" This is what Caden was saying after the Dixie basketball game tonight, and it caused us all to laugh. It was really funny because he just didn't understand that the storm wasn't in the sky (and when it was a Red Storm he got even more confused). And to embarrass myself, I thought the college was still the Rebels. Huh, wonder when that changed.
We were invited to a mens basketball game with our friends, and we had an awesome time. I'll admit I was worried about bringing the kids. The game was at 7:30 and that's past bed time so I was expecting crankiness and not being able to stay the whole game (so much for being an optimist, eh?). Well, my kids surprised me. They played with our friends kids the entire game, and HAD A BLAST! You should have seen them dancing to the music. Even Cole was really good (mostly). It was a fun activity for our family to go to, and it was great to go with friends.
After the game Kember told Dan that she wanted to take gymnastics (because of the flips and things the cheerleaders were doing). She told me during the game that she liked the dance team. I told her that if she was going to like someone she needed to like the girls in the blue dance costumes instead of the girls in the red. Now, don't get me wrong here. I have nothing against the drill team or dance team or whatever it is, except their outfits were really really ugly. Not flattering on any shape or size (and they had lots of different shapes and sizes, and no one looked good). I'll never understand fashion. I'll never understand dance uniforms. I just don't get it. If you are going to impress people with your dancing skills, you don't want them making fun of what you are wearing. I know it was bad because even Dan commented on it. Anyway, there wasn't a point to me standing on my soapbox, but there you have it.
On a random note, I posted the (brain stopped working here) yes or no to cutting my hair, and I was getting really excited about it because so (oh, here it is, working again...Poll) many people were voting. I didn't think I knew that many people :) Well, it turns out, I don't. I'm guessing most, if not all, of the No votes are from Dan. He sheepishly admitted that he voted on every computer at work, for multiple days. Silly boy. So, it's skewed, but I'm still going to leave it up because I like checking it and seeing what people (aka. Dan) are voting.


Rorie said...

So they're not the Rebels anymore? I'm assuming that they're now called the Red Storm or something? Weird. I had no idea. Maybe "Rebels" offended someone. And you just can't have that, you know. Anyway, I'm glad you guys had fun at the game. :)
I put yes on the hair cutting thing, only because it's for a good cause and your hair will grow back. I love it long, but sometimes, it's just fun for a change. Just don't go to the SuperCuts by Old Navy to get it done. Trust me on this.

Anna Wilson said...

It changed about two years ago. I only know because Felicia was there. I guess people were worried about being politically correct. No one was happy about the change.
I can't believe your kids go to bed before 7:30. I am lucky if it happens at 8:30-9 ish....emphasis on the ish.

Dan said...

Go... Badgers?...Aggies?...Cougars?... Oh ya.. Red Storm! I think we have been to too many schools and too many mascots! I have a hard time deciding who we are cheering for anymore?!

Andrea said...

I thought Dixie was becoming a part of the U. Like U of U southern utah. Did that fall through?

I'm excited to see your new hair cut (sorry Dan).

Ma & Pa J. said...

I somehow knew that all the "no" votes would be Dan. I am so excited Kember liked the dancers. Watch out, you are going to have some athletes if you take them to sporting events!

Rachael said...

This makes me want to take the kids to a cougar basketball game... I've never attempted it! -- and I voted Yes to the hair cut -- it's good to do something different every once in a while :)

Loni said...

They aren't Rebels anymore? And all this time I thought I knew their name.
silly me, I thought your poll was the last thing you added so I've been waiting for a new blog.
Yes to the hair cut. It will grow back and some one will be very fortunate to have your hair. Do you know where and how to send it?

michelle said...

We also voted "yes". My girls have done it and love it....Collin moans when they come home to show off their new do's:)