Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

I really like this ward we are in. It has been a long time since I've enjoyed all of my meetings so much! Today in Sunday School we talked about the Holy Ghost. The question he asked us was "How well do you know the Holy Ghost?" It's kind of a thought provoking question isn't it. Have you ever thought about it before? I don't know that I ever have, but it's made me look at my relationship with the Holy Ghost a little differently.

In Relief Society our lesson was on the Atonement. She told us how when she was getting a temple recommend she was telling the stake president about some not great feelings she was having towards some people. He asked her if she was praying for them. She was completely taken back by this. She said, "You mean I have to pray for them?" It made me think of my own experiences with this. I've been blessed in my life to pretty much like most people. However, every once in a while I come across a person who just drive me batty and I can't stand. I put this advice into action, and now I can honestly say that I like this person. And the funny thing? It wasn't the person who change at all. They are still the same as they ever were, but the Lord changed my heart. Give it a try. You might be surprised at the results.
I don't know what talk she was reading from. It was in a recent Ensign because I remember it, but in the talk the guy said that he shares experiences from his brothers life "with permission." She said it stuck with her because how much would we talk about other people if we had to get permission to do so. It was kind of random, but it made me think a little bit.
It was a great day in church today. Hopefully we will start feeling apart of this ward soon. Playgroup is on Thursday and maybe I'll be able to make some friends there.


michelle said...

Very nice...please add to the Sunday thoughts...."you should go over to Collin and Michelle's to play games!!"

Rorie said...

Sounds like you guys are settling in there very nicely. I know you, you guys'll have friends in no time. :)
Wonderful words of advice from both of your classes.

Ma & Pa J. said...

Thanks Tarah! Loved all the posts! Makes me feel a little more connected.