Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Child's Prayer

So as is custom for our bedtime ritual we read a verse of scripture and have Kember repeat it. Then we say prayers, brush teeth, and go to bed. Well today for the prayers Kember said she wanted to say it. She normally picks who says it (and it's normally "Mommy say it"). Her prayer today was the cutest thing I have ever heard. It went something like this.

"Heavly Fader, thank for day...Heavly Fader bless food...Heavly Fader thank day. Bless food. Bless Jesus. Heavly Fader bless food. Bless daddy and mommy and caden and kember. Bless Kase....bless food....bless Jesus. Amen."

So obviously that isn't exact, but there were a lot of Heavenly Fathers, bless food and bless Jesus. It melts my heart to hear her pray. I can just picture Heavenly Father smiling a loving smile when he hears his little children pray. It is so precious.

Oh, and in response to all the curious inquiries, here is what happened with the camera. My dear sister Rorie told me that they had numerous cameras and would mail one to us if we would like. Well, yes, we would like, so she did. Thank you very much, it's great. However, it doesn't have a cord that connects to the computer and I have no idea where to find such a cord (Dan would know, but he's been a little busy lately) and I know if I were to buy one it would be the wrong one...just like the windshield wipers I bought for the van. So there are lovely pictures on that camera that I can't get off right now because apparently we don't have a card reader (I think that's what it's called) on our computer either. We bought a camera, and those are the pictures that you see.


Andrea said...

Zoie saw what must have been an amazing rainbow when she was visiting Matt's parents before Jonas was born, and she still blesses the rainbow in nearly every prayer she says. :)

michelle said...

Kids prayers are great...especially when they bless "mommy's yucky dinner"!

Heidi said...

too Cute. I love to hear the prayers of little ones!

Ron McHargue said...

I love the prayers too, but Jenna is much more to the point. "Heav-lee Foder, Tank you Mommy, Tank you Daddy. Tank you bed. Amen." They sure are sweet and its amazing how strong the spirit is with such a simple prayer!

Lacey said...

Sorry, Its me, lacey that left the last comment, not Ron... he he

The Bott Family said...

That is so sweet. Kaycee loves to pray for Kember too! I love it when she reminds me that we need to say prayers. It is amazing how spiritual they are.

By the way, Tarah, I live down the walk. You CAN use my computer anytime to transfer pictures, or for whatever. I know it is more of a hastle for you but I really don't mind. Come bother me anytime!!!