Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Yesterday my friend Heidi and her daughter Colbie came over to make valentines for their little v-day party tomorrow during play group. It was loads of fun, even if the girls ran out of steam long before the valentines got finished. Anyway, this is Kember stamping. She loves to stamp and just thinks it's the neatest thing.
Kember is holding up a valentine that Colbie gave to her, isn't she cheesy? And the next one is of the girls together.
So Dan did a good job with the holiday. He woke up early and made us all breakfast: French toast and bacon with milk dyed pink (too cute). Not only that, but he decorated the table all cutesy too. He did a great job. He should have been studying for his test that he had today instead, but I'll take breakfast, or any meal for that matter, any time someone wants to cook it for me.
He got me chocolate (yum), a bubble gun, and lotion. He got Kember a little stuffed pony, and Caden some cars. They had tons of fun with these.

This is what I tried to do for Dan. Yeah, it didn't work, but it looked great on the website where I got the idea. They tasted really good though, even if they looked sad and pathetic.And this is just a picture of Caden being a goober. Isn't he cute?

We also went to dinner at Wingers (yeah, my favorite place to go...) with the Bott's. When we got home we played "Deal or No Deal" for our v-day gifts to each other. We each made a list of 25 things of possible gifts for the other person, then you play the game online to see which one you get! It was way fun, and I think very creative of Dan to think of it. I think I came off way better, but he seemed happy with his "gift" too.

I also got some "sexy valentines pj's" to surprise Dan with (they were red flannel pj bottoms). Dan just laughed at me, but what can you do? They are warm and comfortable.

My sister Rorie just had her baby, congrats to her. As a future reference to my family (my side, not dan's side), I have decided that when I get pregnant and have another baby, I'm not telling you until three days later. Maybe that will teach you to not tell me! Ya, I'm just a little bitter. It is not Rorie's responsibility (she's the one that called me today) because she just had the baby. It could arguablely be her husband's though. However, if it isn't his responsibility, it is definitely my mothers...who incidentally decided to blog about it instead of calling people (or just me). But the blog had little to no details. I had to find out from my brother-in-law who just randomly mentioned it because I was asking for my other sister and he said she went to Nevada to watch Rorie's little boy. Grrrr...come on people, this is big news, you tell family this stuff. Friends can wait a day or so, but family needs to be notified soon after the event takes place. Okay, consider yourselves all lectured and I will try to let this go :)


Teeter Family said...

Sounds like you guys had a great Valentine's Day!! And...I'm trying to figure out what the flower-looking things They look like maybe white chocolate covered strawberries? Mmmm...that sounds soooo good.

Tarah said...

oh, yes, i forgot to mention that the flower-looking things are strawberries dipped in white chocolate dyed pink.

Andrea said...

Oh, I was going to ask too--thanks for the clarification!

And, don't be too upset. You found out about 24 hours before Collin, and who knows if Cameron knows yet.

michelle said...

Way cute ideas!! I am impressed with Dan's creativity.

Heidi said...

what a nice breakfast!

Loni said...

Wow! You are bitter. I know Rorie wanted to tell people so I kept quiet. As for letting you know she was in the hospital - she called me as I was going to work. I told her to let us know. I called Nate during my lunch to see if anything had happened. No, but they promised to call. It was 7:00 p.m. that night before I got word. Rorie said then that she would call everyone. It's not that you were left out. It's that Rorie wanted the privilege of telling you herself. After all, she is the mother. Sorry you feel bad.

Collin said...

So. . .I am curious. Did anybody ever tell Cameron?

We are not known for our communication skills in this family. (Especially me)